Stunning! We have a brand new poster thanks to director Patty Jenkins. The design is simplistic but beautiful. With the film slated to earn $175 million in it’s opening weekend, this can only make us more excited. Wonder Woman is coming soon!

The poster is zoomed in on Wonder Woman in her armor. We only see the bottom of her face and her arm is in front and center. Our focus is drawn to her beautiful arm cuff which is her logo! Though it appears the cuff is designed purely for the poster as it doesn’t appear in any other promotional material. Still, it would be awesome for her to eventually rock that design.

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As said, there’s been a lot of posters released already and they continue to be great. Personally, I haven’t seen a poster I dislike. And this one just emphasizes the strong, feminine presence of Diana. 

What do you think of the poster below? Let us know! Wonder Woman is in theaters on June 2nd. So soon!

Erin Lynch