Our Amazonian Queen has a star! Yesterday, living legend Lynda Carter received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Finally! Best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the television series of the same name, she’s been a face of beauty and power since the 70s. She wore high heels and she kicked major butt in them without breaking a sweat. And it was all thanks to Lynda Carter’s fiery presence on screen.

The 46 minute long ceremony emphasized her work in television and her charitable works. One of the speakers there to honor her was Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. She praised Lynda’s work, calling her “one of the greatest rebels, then and now”. It appears that throughout her role in the TV series, Jenkins was inspired by Carter and her role as the Amazonian princess. She elaborated in her speech.

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It was Lynda’s portrayal of Wonder Woman that made me fall in love with her. Because her Wonder Woman made me believe that I could have whatever I wanted. And even more importantly, it made me unashamed to want it. She wasn’t afraid to be soft while tough. She wasn’t afraid to be as loving as she was strong. She wasn’t afraid to love being a woman and celebrate her femininity all while kicking a** and changing the world.

Jenkins also continued, saying that Carter continues to inspire her. And when Lynda got on stage, she praised Jenkins for inspiring a new generation of girls and women with the character. It was such a sweet and lovely moment to see their mutual love and respect for one another during this moment in their lives. And with all the Carter/Jenkins love, we’re really hoping that equates in a large role in the Wonder Woman sequel! We’re just gonna sit here and cross our arms until it happens.

You can check out the full ceremony below! (Patty Jenkins gets on stage at 21 minutes in). Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more celebrations of women. Wonder Woman 2 comes to theaters November 1st, 2019.

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