The rumors are true! Patty Jenkins took to Twitter on Friday to confirm that Kristen Wiig will indeed be appearing in Wonder Woman 2. She’ll be playing Wonder Woman nemesis, Cheetah.

Jenkins’ announcement was full of praise for Wiig. And, though the reactions from fans have been mixed (what’s new?) I think this is a great move. Cheetah is an exercise in multitasking. She is either an uptight socialite or scientist by day and a a wild, untamed criminal by night. Who has played more characters than Wiig? Who is better at pent-up/uptight/repressed AND crazy, creepy and weird? Wiig has the best timing in the business and an incredible ability to play all sides of this character.  

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There are, of course, those who say she can’t match up to the strength and agility of Gal Gadot. Give her a chance! Maybe she can… maybe she doesn’t need to. It’ll all depend on how the character is written, what effects are used and how much she relies on a stunt person (and she wouldn’t be the first). 

Gadot is on board. She tweeted a warm welcome to Wiig as well. I’m with her. DC films need the character, timing, wit and excitement that Marvel has had a lock on since Iron Man. Wonder Woman gave us that. Kristen Wiig is the one to bring it to the next level.  

Wonder Woman 2 is set to hit theaters November 1, 2019. 



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