You guys.


Remember last season of the Penny Dreadful? Remember that incredible episode called “The Nightcomers” with Patti LuPone playing The Cut Wife, also known as Joan Clayton. The whole episode was a magnificent dance between LuPone’s Clayton and Eva Green’s character Vanessa Ives. Jaws dropped after that episode aired and it took a long time to pick our chins back off the floor. I’m going to use a cliche here, it was an acting tour-de-force.

We knew that LuPone would be coming back this season but we didn’t know in what capacity since her story line played out last season. Well! Take a look at this sneak peek. LuPone is playing Dr. Seward, a hard-assed psychologist that has Vanessa scratching to her bones from nervousness. I wouldn’t want Dr. Seward as my therapist. Yikes. I’m curious to see if Seward will have anything to do with Clayton. What do you guys think?

In other great news, you can watch the first episode of Season 3 in it’s entirety. Thanks Showtime! You can find the first episode below.

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