We have found new DECA tapes. Twelve of them. Each about five to nine minutes long. We call it: Puzzle Box.’

From Lex Noteboom, the creator of one of the best podcasts of 2019 The Deca Tapes, comes a Patreon exclusive spin-off series, The Deca Tapes: Puzzle Box. Noteboom puts it best by describing his two dramas as, “Where the first season was a novel, this is a short story. The first season is right brain, conceptual, technical. This is more emotional, intuitive and free-flowing.”


While The Deca Tapes follow ten people locked in the same space together with a set of instructions on how to live their lives, Puzzle Box follows a forbidden love between a guard and a prisoner. He can only spend a couple of minutes with her, as he walks by the cells during his daily rounds. He tries to make the most of their short, whispering moments together. But the more they talk, the more the line between guard and prisoner slowly but surely starts to disappear as mysterious things begin to happen in the guard’s personal life. The more the prison holds her, it starts to swallow him up as well.

Intricate, intimate and eerily engrossing, Puzzle Box is a nearly unbearable slow burn is a must listen for Deca Tapes fans. Despite the episodes, all running under ten minutes long, Puzzle Box is immaculately crafted in every way. Everything from the writing, directing, tone and acting makes this a can’t miss listening experience. Actors Addison Peacock and Eryc Simmerer deliver blood-curdling performances that set the stage for one of the most beautifully constructed podcasts out there. It’s bleak but efficient format was practically designed to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. In short, Puzzle Box is an utter treat you defiantly want in your podcast queue that would be an utter shame for you to miss out on. The perfect listen to hold you over until The Deca Tapes gets a much needed second season.

Support The Deca Tapes for $5 dollars a month on Patreon to listen to Puzzle Box and support this incredible show! And consider listening to season one. The Deca Tapes is available for free wherever you get your favorite podcasts including iTunes, Spotify, Acast or Stitcher.

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Fallon Marie Gannon