Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang‘s Paper Girls is officially here, and it is a good time. In fact, we venture to say it’s an absolute gem of a show, and everyone should be watching it. The season finale might have given us one of the biggest cliffhangers we have seen this year. We have quite a few questions we need to be answered when it finally rolls on back with a second season.

DISCLAIMER: We are heading into spoiler territory, and unless you want the Old Watch to show up and erase all your memories, we suggest watching the show first. Also, we know that this is a graphic novel and some of the answers are readily available, but where is the fun in that?

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Tiff and Erin looking in at KJ and Mac before they are sent away in the time travel spaceship.

Paper Girls. Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Where are KJ and Mac heading?

The better question here might be, when are KJ (Fina Strazza) and Mac (Sofia Rosinsky) heading? Time travel. The last we saw them, they were on the inside of a ship getting dropped into a new timeline. Did Prioress (Adina Porter) send them home to ’88? Or did she send them to a future where they have a cure for Mac’s cancer? And if that’s the case, how will they get home after that? Will they get help from a much older version of KJ, or are they heading somewhere past even their lifetimes?

Why did Prioress send Erin and Tiff to the past?

In the final moments of Paper Girls, we watch as Erin (Riley Lai Nelet) and Tiff (Camryn Jones) arrive on the farm but well before ’88. But why would Prioress send them there? What could they possibly find to help them in this war with the Old Watch? We are also curious who they might run into. It seems a bit too far in the past for them to run into their younger selves, so maybe their parents? Maybe Tiff will get some answers regarding who her biological parents are.

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Larry and Tiff going over the map she made to show the best entry point into 1988.

Paper Girls. Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video.

Have they deviated from the path?

So, as far as we know, the older versions of Erin (Ali Wong) and Tiff (Sekai Abeni) have no memory of time-traveling. Could this be because it never happened? Or did the Old Match successfully wipe their minds? If they did hop through the decades and then get their minds wiped, are our current versions still on that same path? Has all of this happened before? Or have they caused such a disturbance that this new path they are heading down is in utterly unknown territory?

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Will we see versions of Juniper, Larry and the others again?

With all the time-traveling going on in Paper Girls, we are bound to run into other versions of our main characters. Chances are we probably won’t see them where Tiff and Erin ended up, but who knows. However, since we don’t know where Mac and KJ have ended up, that still opens the door to them running into Juniper (Celeste Arias), Larry (Nate Corddry) or the others. Maybe, just maybe, we might even see a younger or older Prioress during their decade hoping. 

Will the girls make it back to 1988?

When all is said and done, the real question is, will Erin, Tiff, KJ and Mac make it back to 1988? They spent the entire first season trying to find their way home, only to be thrown into different decades and more trouble than they ever asked for. So, we are putting all of our positive vibes into the belief that they are going to make it home in one piece and the world saved.

Tiaffny, Erin, Mac and KJ sitting on a curb in Paper Girls.

Image courtesy of Netflix.

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