Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be returning to Supernatural for it’s 300th episode.   It’s been a more than a decade since we last saw Papa Winchester.  And the actors have been teasing us on Twitter for months. It’s finally happening!

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“We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character… and a few other surprise guest stars,” Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb said in a CW statement.  

John Winchester is father of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester and husband to Mary (Samantha Smith). His last appearance was at the end of season 2 in 2007. Needless to say a family reunion is long overdue, especially for John and Mary.  Mary died when Sam was just a baby and returned in season 11.  Long after John died.  

JDM recently tweeted that he would return if the story was right.  Looks like they got it right.  I”m super excited about this news.  Again, it’s been too long since the Winchesters have all been together.  Supernatural has fun from time to time, but this would be a grand time and big win for the Winchester family.

Supernatural’s 300th episode is schedule to air on February 7, 2019.  The Supernatural mid season finale is Thursday, December 13 on the CW. 





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