Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, but a very unexpected wrench gets thrown into the works in Palm Royale Season 1 Episode 8, “Maxine Saves the Whale,” when an actual whale beaches itself on the Dellacorte beach.

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There’s poetic justice in the literal cetacean’s appearance after Maxine (Kristen Wiig) threw her figurative whale at the feds to save Douglas (Josh Lucas) in the previous episode.

Douglas pours a Grasshopper drink at the bar while Maxine waits. He wears a white collared shirt. She is wearing a long yellow dress.

Palm Royale Season 1 — Photo Credit: Apple TV+

But in saving her husband, she destroys her friend Robert’s (Ricky Martin) happiness. Even knowing his lover is a con man and a fraud, she’s not able to tell Robert the truth. Will this lie be the one to bring down her house of cards?

Maxine’s not the only one at a moral crossroads. What will Linda (Laura Dern) do now that she’s inherited Skeet’s (Bruce Dern) fortune? What will Evelyn (Allison Janney) do now that she hasn’t?

Evelyn holds a red parrot perched on her left hand while she strokes it with her right. She wears a water color patterned draped dress in shades of deep green and red. There is a peacock in the window behind her.

Palm Royale Season 1 — Photo Credit: Apple TV+

With her current husband in prison, can Dinah (Leslie Bibb) manage to land her own whale? Not sure about everyone else, but I’m highly impressed by how fast this woman can pivot.

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Last, but certainly not least, Norma (Carol Burnett) is proving tenacious in trying to murder Maxine. Lay your bets down on what she’ll try next now that all her guns have been put away.

Questions, Questions, Questions

With only a few episodes left before the Beach Ball launches with all its spectacle and sensation, will the seeds they’ve sown throughout the series bear fruit? Inquiring minds want to know!

Ann Holiday looks very eager and interested as she takes notes in a small brown notebook. She wears glasses, green beaded necklaces, and a silk blouse printed in large blue daisies with yellow hearts.

Palm Royale Season 1 — Photo Credit: Apple TV+

Can Ann Holiday’s (Mindy Cohn) nose for news uncover the juicier skeletons of Palm Beach? What will cause Maxine to “snap”? Does she really lose her memory? How does she end up drowning (as we saw in the opening scene of the Palm Royale premiere)?

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Will Douglas land on his feet? Forget that. Can he even find his feet? What secrets is he still hiding from Maxine? Can their marriage withstand the harsh glare of truth?

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