Back in early June, right before E3 2018, Hi-Rez announced they were porting Paladins to the Nintendo Switch. On June 12th they released early access to the game for those who purchased the Founder’s Pack through the Nintendo Switch store. Those who did not take part in this will no longer have to wait, because Paladins is now free to play! In the short time that Paladins has been on the Nintendo Switch it has won the hearts of players and critics by fulfilling their promises of  60 FPS (frames per a second) game play and cross-play between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. What is even more fantastic is that it transitions extremely well between handheld gameplay and docked gameplay making either a viable option.

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Not only did Hi-Rez share this amazing news today, but they also released their next champion, the ninja assassin Koga. He will be a great asset to all teams as he sneaks behind enemy lines to snuff out more low-health champions and wreak havoc where they least expect it. What makes Koga so special is that all his abilities will not have a cool down. He will instead rely on spending energy in order to attack when the time is right. Koga can switch between two stances to either spend energy to use special abilities or use sub-machine guns to deal damage and gain energy back. Koga is on my list of new champions to try out and I can’t wait to see how energy mitigation will play into the amount of damage he can pump out. I hope that as the game continues to grow we will get to see more champions with similar mechanics. 

If you are not the extremely happy owner of a Nintendo Switch don’t worry! Paladins is still available for PC and PS4, just without the fun cross-play between consoles. However, if anyone can make it possible, I am sure Hi-Rez will! If you are one of those special folks with the Nintendo Switch, how are you liking the game? 



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