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GGA's 6 Favorite Fandom Podcasts That Should Be on Your Radar

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In the fourth episode of #JupitersLegacy, All the Devils Are Here, Chloe goes in a downward spiral in the present as she suffers with the weight of her parent's legacy. In 1929, Sheldon seeks out answers to his mysterious visions.

In #JupitersLegacy's third episode, Paint the Clouds With Sunshine, George tries to help Sheldon after his seizure in the 1929 story line while Hutch gets on the wrong side of super powered crime boss in the present.

In episode two of #JupitersLegacy, Paper and Stone, the team deals with the aftermath of the Blackstar incident. In the past, Sheldon learns about his father's true ways and struggles to come to terms with them.

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