It’s no secret that I’m a Blizzard junkie, I play all things Blizzard and Overwatch will be no exception.  I’m also completely in love with Blizzard’s Cute But Deadly line where they make all their characters chibi style. Now they’ve released the entire stable of Overwatch heroes in Cute But Deadly style and in small enough size to be used an as avatar anywhere.

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Don’t let their cute looks fool you. The Cute but Deadly series transforms your favorite characters from Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo, (now Overwatch) into friendly caricatures.

Now, onto cute and deadly overload.


CuteSprayAvatars-76_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Bastion_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-DVa_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Genji_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Hanzo_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Junkrat_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Lucio_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-McCree_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Mei_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Mercy_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Pharah_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Reaper_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Reinhardt_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Roadhog_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Symmetra_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Torbjorn_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Tracer_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Widowmaker_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Winston_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Zarya_OW_JP_400x400 CuteSprayAvatars-Zenyatta_OW_JP_400x400


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