Overwatch Cute But Deadly Compilation

Legion dropped today, Blizzard announced Facebook Live Streaming integration, and BlizzCon is just around the corner.  Ok, well, it’s two months off but that is just around the corner as far as I am concerned.  Recently, I’ve been playing an obscene amount of Overwatch, and maybe have gone a tad bit Overwatch crazy.  You may have noticed all the Overwatch posts I’ve made, or maybe you haven’t.  Well, there will be more and here is one of them.

Blizzard has done a fantastic job rolling out their Overwatch heroes, even before Beta launched we were treated to reveal, after reveal.  Once Beta launched we got shorts, we got more characters, and motivations, and backstories.  We got fake news articles on the blog, and .  It’s been a beautiful ride.  Blizzard even went so far as to release Cute But Deadly avatars, character references, and concept art.

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Well, they’ve done all that with the original 21 characters.  Unfortunately, since Ana released she is conspicuously missing from all the fantastic extras.  There is no Cute But Deadly design for her, no character reference sheet to help with both cosplay and fan art, and I’ve yet to see any official concept art.  I may have missed the last one, but I’ve only searched PlayOverwatch.com.


These extras are some of the best things I’ve seen for any fandom, hell you even released Lucio’s sound files.  I mean, if that isn’t supporting your fandom (and also brilliant marketing) then I don’t know what is.  It’s not necessarily easy to get an official reference guide for characters, and I’m sure that is one of the reasons Overwatch has produced some astoundingly accurate cosplays.  It’s also one of the reason’s Overwatch has the loyal, and sometimes rabid, fanbase it has.  For a game this young it’s almost unheard of.

At it’s core, Overwatch is a team based, first-person shooter.  In theory, it shouldn’t have all of this rich world building and history, but it does and it has it in spades.  The world building and character relations are other reasons the game is so popular.  But the way Blizzard is responding to its fans is nothing short of fantastic.

Jeff Kaplan, Game Director, takes to the forums regularly to chat with players about the game, what can be done better, what changes are in the works, what may possibly come to the game later down the line.

There is currently a Sombra ARG going that clearly shows Blizz has a sense of humor and appreciates their fans.  Well, all except that forum post counting down to just point to a website that is counting up.  Maybe it will end up being brilliant, but right now it feels like a wall.

Basically I’m here to remind you to please don’t neglect the new characters.  When Sombra finally comes out of the shadows, she needs to have all of the things the original 21 have.  After Sombra, when the the next character hits, be it Athena, Liao, or someone else, you need to keep all the extras flowing, and Ana needs this oversight corrected with all haste.

I also kinda hate to point it out, but you’re going to have to update all your full roster images.  This one is outdated, gorgeous, but outdated as are all the full roster shots.


Obviously it’s missing Ana, and soon to be missing Sombra.  Whenever Blizzard finally decides to reveal her.

Look, Blizzard, I love you but you’re dropping the ball here.  You started something amazing and need to keep updating it as new characters are released.

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