Internet Yule Log videos have become a normal part of the holidays. If you’re having a holiday party, why not put a crackling fire up on your tv screen. If you’re enjoying an evening by yourself wrapping presents or reading a good book – the same thing applies.

Some folks go for the traditional video – beautiful fire, solid sound mixing of flames burning and wood popping and crackling – you can almost feel the warmth and it is for sure relaxing.

But this is Geek Girl Authority! So, we put in the research to find the geekiest, funniest and/or the most delightful fireplace yule logs. Enjoy our new list, plus we have our favorites from years past.

Fraser’s Ridge Yule Log

From Outlander, there’s the Fraser’s fireplace in the New World. You can even spot the kitty Adso in the beginning.

LEGO Festive Fireplace – 24/7

This fireplace from Lego is streaming live. You can visit the video anytime of day and you may just get something new like Santa snoring.

Yule Log Chemistry Trivia

This is pretty cool. It’s a legit good-looking fireplace from the channel Reactions, with low key chemistry formulas popping up. The sound is great, so you can relax and if you feel like getting some science on, look at the screen.

[GMod/Splatoon] Yule Log Elliot

Christmas Ambience: purring cat, crackling fireplace, falling snow

I mean, COME ON! This is just lovely – everything you need to know is in the title!

A Forged in Fire Yule Log

This one from History Channel is wonderfully dramatic and mesmerizing. It’s promoting their show Forged in Fire – “Cozy up by the warmth of the forge in this two hour video of crackling fires, classic carols and edged weaponry.”

Watch This Yule Log Burn in the Name of Science

This one from Atlas Obscura is pretty interesting. It’s not really a “relax and sip cocoa” video but it’s pretty hypnotic. Here’s the description, “…set to a carefully chosen soundtrack—shows various kinds of experiments conducted at the Fire Sciences Laboratory of the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station in Missoula, Montana, just in time for the holiday season.” You can even go to the page and it gives you time stamps to explain what experiment they are doing.

Blasts from the Past

Here are some fun, festive fireplaces we’ve featured in years past that we still love.

Festive Thirteenth Doctor Yule Log

Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log’ – Ten Hour Version

Eye of Sauron Yule Log – Five Hours

Darth Vader Yule Log Five – Hours

Hobbiton Movie Set Fireplace Ambience featuring Pickles the Cat!


And for you traditionalists – here’s a solid, old fashioned, good looking fire.

For Funsies

The Christmas Past Yule Log Episode 4: A Superman Christmas Adventure!

Listen to one of the “Exciting Christmas Stories” – it’s a really fun, old school audio play. Disconnect from technology and enjoy this one!

We hope your holiday season is nerdy and joyful!

Audrey Kearns