Welcome back to our Oshi No Ko recaps. Oshi No Ko is officially over! The last episode of the first season aired today, and I’m so ready for the next season. Episode 11 of Oshi No Ko, “Idol,” was a regular-length episode but managed to cover a lot. With that in mind, let’s dive into the recap and review everything that happened.

Last time, B-Komachi was getting ready to finally perform their first show. If you remember from the last episode, Kana’s insecurities were causing a lot of problems. Thankfully, thanks to a pep talk with Ruby, Kana seemed ready to perform. Now, it is time for them to go on and we get to see some future audience members talk about it. A fellow idol heads to see the new band and some fans who are wrapping up their time at the festival decide to see one last show.

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At the said show, we see a stream of yellow and red glow sticks in the audience. We see a flashback to before the show where the girls are deciding which color they want to represent them. At these Japanese idol concerts, fans will hold up a glow stick with a certain color to show their support for the specific group member. In this case, MEM is yellow, Ruby is red, and Kana is white.

Mem stands on stage with a spotlight on her while smiling and gesturing in Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode 11, "It's a Secret."
Seeing all of the yellow glowsticks mixed in with a few red unsettle Kana a bit, and as they perform she has thoughts about how she shouldn’t be the center. Ruby seems to notice Kana is feeling off and smiles brightly at Kana. The first song ends and Kana isn’t feeling any better, but there isn’t any time. They move on to the next song.

Audience members can tell that Kana isn’t feeling it, and are preferring the other two girls. But suddenly, when all hope is lost, Aqua holds up all three glowsticks. Now Kana catches her second wind and the three completely nail their second song. The audience is dazzled by them.

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On the car ride back, Miyako asks Aqua about his relationship with Akane. Aqua states that he hasn’t seen Akane in a while and that the relationship is just for work. Kana is comfortable talking to Aqua again after hearing this. MEM show picks up that Kana likes Aqua and feels a bit split.

Kana stands onstage with a cityscape behind her and spotlights shining around her in Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode 11, "It's a Secret."
Since MEM was on the reality show with Aqua and Akane, MEM was really supporting Akane in pursuing Aqua. However, now MEM is in a group with Kana and finds herself not knowing which girl to root for in the love triangle. Seems like MEM is pretty concerned about the love affairs of high schoolers for a 25-year-old. 

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Speaking of Akane, she is getting ready for a new role in a play. After she is handed the script, we see her eyes light up and she says hints that she will be working with Aqua again very soon. 

The director of the play meets with Kaburagi, the producer that told Aqua that Ai fell in love with someone from LaLa Lai. During the meeting, the two discuss the play. It is going to be based on a very successful anime and Kaburagi offers to share it with some actors. Those actors are Akane, Aqua, and other young actors he works with.

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Later, Akane and Aqua are having a date at an ice cream shop. They are on the date with the intention of taking photos for social media for their, “Relationship.” After making a post, the two talk about the play and what characters they will be playing. Just then, Kana appears and reveals that she is also going to be in the play. It looks like something snaps in Akane upon hearing the news and her expression changes.

A closeup of Kana's eyes, where we see galactic stardust. She is also blushing.
Akane and Kana exchange some harsh words and insults. It is revealed the two aren’t just fellow actors, but complete rivals. During their child acting days, Kana was always taking the parts that Akane wanted. Now, Akane feels a bit superior to Kana because, unlike Kana, Akane is part of a serious theater group and has been honing her skills. Aqua tries to get Akane to be peaceful, but it is made clear that there is no desire for peace by either party. 

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The episode ends with a montage of many of the characters that have been introduced over Aqua’s dialogue. He talks about everything that has happened and restates his goal to find Ai’s killer. Woah, I almost forgot that’s what the show was about! 

It wasn’t the most spectacular ending to a season but did a good job of transitioning from one arc to another. I feel like if this had been a two cour anime with 20-some episodes vs a one cour with 11, we could have ended up having a much better finale. However, that’s just the nature of these shorter seasons.

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That being said, I’m excited about what a second season could bring. How could this serious rivalry between these girls impact their relationships? What is next for B Komachi? Will we get any serious leads on Ai’s death?

Ruby, Kana and MEM stand on a dark stage while preparing to perform in Oshi No Ko Season 1 Episode 11, "It's a Secret."
With Aqua taking part in this stage production, he will have plenty of chances to get close to LaLa Lai’s theater group. So will the mystery finally be resolved? And what will Oshi No Ko teach us about the theater world? Is it much different from the movies and TV dramas that we’ve already seen on the show?

What did you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to get caught up on Oshi No Ko on HIDIVE.

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