TRIGGER WARNING: This recap covers Season 1, Episode 7 of Oshi No Ko, which looked closely at suicide and cancel culture. Some readers might find the contents disturbing.

Welcome back, Oshi No Ko fans! 

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Last week’s episode left off at a major cliffhanger that left a lot of us fans eager for more, and episode seven doesn’t disappoint. While we don’t get much Ruby and Kana time as I had hoped, we still get plenty of drama from Aqua’s antics. 

Akane crying after the attempted suicide that happened earlier in episode 7 of oshi no ko, Buzz.

We last left off with Aqua pulling Akane off a ledge and preventing her from taking her own life during a typhoon. Akane is screaming to be let go until she realizes that the one holding her is Aqua. She calms down as he explains that the other contestants are worried and searching for her. Shortly after that explanation, an officer spots the two and takes them in.

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We get a short interaction between Ruby, Kana and Miyako as they discuss the online hate directed toward Akane. From their conversation, it seems Ruby dealt with similar hate in the past. Kana shares a sentiment that many other entertainers in the show have and says that you shouldn’t show the real you. After all, it is easier when the person getting hate is a character you’re playing, not your actual self. In addition to being a great actor, Kana is proving to be very understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment world.

Kana Ruby and Miyako in a room together as seen in episode 7, buzz, of oshi no ko.
The conversation is interrupted when Miyako gets a sudden call from the police. She tells the girls that Aqua is in trouble with the police and leaves. Ruby and Kana are understandably shocked.

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Back at the station, Akane is with her mother and an officer. Akane explains between sobs that she didn’t want her mom to worry. Meanwhile, Miyako and Aqua chat in the hall, where Miyako expresses her pride. Aqua tries to act indifferently, and Akane emerges from her interrogation room. The other cast members of the dating show arrive.

Shortly after reuniting, everyone comes to Akane’s support. The turn of events understandably shakes them—especially Yuki, who seems most upset about Akane’s situation. Aqua tries to offer some wisdom and lets Akane know she can drop out. 

Aqua is looking at Akane while their costars and miyako stand behind him. From episode 7 of oshi no ko, Buzz.
Like the pro she is, Akane says she wants to stay on. Everyone seems relieved to hear her decision, and her co-stars reaffirm that they want to support her in any way they can. Even Yuki appears to genuinely make Akane feel better. Everyone seems to be in a good mood except for Aqua.

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As we’ve come to expect, Aqua is already hatching a scheme. He is disgusted by the show for profiting off of and helping to create this situation that made Akane almost take her life. So, what is he going to do about it? Leak the story of the attempted suicide and take control of the narrative.

After the story breaks, the online discourse continues, with even more people discussing the issue. Aqua reaches out to his co-stars for help with the next phase of his plan. He’ll need help from everyone to change the narrative.

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We get a helpful internet lesson from Mem-Cho, who says a silent majority is observing the cancellation of Akane. Giving them something empathetic to latch onto will push them enough to voice their support. Mem-Cho also explains that Aqua will need her help uploading the video to maximize exposure. She is, after all, a viral video expert. Now Aqua has to figure out how everyone else can help.

Mem cho as seen in the later half of episode 8 of Oshi No Ko.
While working out who will do what, Yuki lets everyone know that, after the initial scratch, the reconciliation that never aired was caught on camera. Being the star she is, Yuki made sure an active camera caught everything when the reconciliation happened, just in case they wanted to use the footage later. The directors never released that footage, supposedly to maximize drama for the show.

Later, Aqua confronts one of the producers and tries to get the footage for their video. The producer initially dismisses Aqua and refuses to hand it over. Fearing that public hate could be targeted toward the show instead of Akane, the producer is firm in his refusal to help. However, he isn’t immune to Aqua’s guilt-tripping and finally gives in.

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Once all the content is ready, we see the cast excitedly put the video together. Everyone seems confident about their work, and they post it with the understanding that it needs to get a lot of attention in the first minute to create the “buzz” they need. Within minutes, the retweets exceed their hopes, and the scheme is successful! Finally, things start to look up.

Akane watching the video her co-stars made in Oshi No Ko.

The video manages to change most of the public opinion about the incident. Via internal dialogue, Aqua lets us know the incident will never go away, and even though things are better now, Akane will always have to deal with this. It is disheartening as a viewer not to get a happy ending with everything being perfect, but that’s Oshi No Ko for you. It always gives us a harsh reality.

Akane returns to the show after a short break and is excited to get back to filming. Her co-stars advise her to play a character from now on and not to put her true self out there. Hopefully, playing a character will prevent the future hate from stinging as much. But what kind of character should she play? Mem-Cho and Yuki think it would be great if she plays the sort of girl Aqua likes.

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The girls ask Aqua what kind of girl he likes, and he gives a vague description. Even though Aqua didn’t go into much detail, Mem-Cho connects the dots and realizes Aqua is describing Ai from the original B Komachi. Not sure how I feel about him crushing on his reincarnation’s late mother, but okay.

Yuki and mem-cho while they were questioning aqua in episode 7 of oshi no ko, buzz.
Meanwhile, Akane, the dedicated actress, takes heavy note of this and says she will play the kind of girl Aqua likes. We cut to her in her room obsessively taking notes and over-analyzing tons of media about Ai. Maybe she and Aqua are a good match if she can be this analytical.

The next day, the reality TV show is ready to start filming again. Aqua and Akane enter at about the same time, but when Akane opens her mouth, it is almost as if she isn’t talking. She sounds eerily like Ai. This shakes Aqua, and as we watch him turn to face his co-star, we get a slow-mo shot of Akane opening her eyes to reveal stars. The same iconic eyes that Ai had.

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Before we can celebrate the ending of the Akane drama, we get the start of this new issue. We should be used to the cliffhangers by now, but this episode still baffles me. Of course, Oshi No Ko wouldn’t just let us take it easy in the end. Akane is a master actress. She went from her true self to a near-exact replica of Ai, with movements and mannerisms to match.

Akane with stars in her eyes while she looks at the "camera" in Oshi No Ko.
In summary, one resolution has left us with a new problem. I’m shocked we didn’t see Yuki as the villain but rather the producer being more villainous. I like how Oshi No Ko paints the cast of the dating show as teenagers who are still figuring things out in contrast to painting them as bad guys. At the end of the day, they were all doing what they thought was best.

What did you guys think? How will Aqua react to Akane’s acting? When will Ruby get more screen time?

Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to get caught up on Oshi No Ko on HIDIVE and check out our series recaps.

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