How are we feeling, Clone Club? A little down in the dumps? Is there a Tatiana Maslany-shaped hole where your heart should be? Orphan Black may have just concluded a few days ago, but the Powers That Be at BBC America released a Season 5 blooper reel today for our enjoyment. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. One of the greatest mysteries in life: who is the elusive “they?” I’ll save that age-old question for another article. 

Now, my biggest takeaway from this reel is that Maslany swears like a sailor, and I’m here for it. Countless “bleeps” are peppered throughout the video. Not to mention, she’s certainly the goofiest cast member on set. However, when you’re on a heavy show like Orphan Black, you have to provide yourself with moments of levity. Otherwise everything is a pit of despair. My secondary takeaway is seeing just how close our Clone Club set family really is. These actors have a strong bond behind the scenes, which definitely fuels their on-camera chemistry. All the sestra and brother sestra love! 

My favorite line flubs? When Maslany, who’s portraying Cosima, says the following: “Are you high? Your eyes look like sausages.” Now, she meant to say “saucers.” I prefer her version though. Perhaps it’ll catch on as a new trend. Always the trendsetter, that Maslany. This next one isn’t a line flub, but it’s still golden nonetheless. Remember the Alison-centric episode from the beginning of Season 5, when she’s jumping in the bouncy house and Donnie finds her? Maslany sees Kristian Bruun struggling through the entrance of said bouncy house and proclaims “Protect the butt!” Yes, we should all protect Donnie Hendrix’s butt at all costs. 

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Alright, Clone Club. You can watch all the funny in the video below. Savor it, embrace it and allow your funny bones to be tickled. We could all use some laughter right about now. Orphan Black may be over, but our love for it can still continue. Watch Tatiana Maslany laugh at Tatiana Maslany for something Tatiana Maslany fumbled. Or something like that. Enjoy, my sestras and brother sestras. 

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You can watch all of Orphan Black via BBC America On Demand. 

Melody McCune

Melody McCune

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