DISCLAIMER: This Orphan Black recap contains more spoilers than the number of sestras our sestras have. They have a lot of sestras. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Clone Club! Orphan Black took its final bow tonight with the closing chapter of The Final Trip, and what a trip it was. You can’t see me, but I’m tipping my invisible hat to Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. Prior to watching the series (sob) finale, I kept drumming up ideas of how I would orchestrate said finale. Needless to say, it’s a good thing that I’m not a showrunner. Manson and Fawcett gave us the perfect sendoff. Our sestras were granted the happy endings they deserved. 

Ready to delve into tonight’s episode, sestras and brother sestras? First, grab all the boxes of tissues you can get your hands on. Then, prepare some beverages of the alcoholic variety, should you require them. Let’s get cracking!

We open with a flashback: Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is sitting in a car with Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) outside a Planned Parenthood in Toronto. Mrs. S! I’ve missed her so much. Sarah is pregnant with Kira, and S is giving her advice on the massive choice she must make. Motherhood is not a job to be taken lightly. Sarah throws retort after retort in S’s face, reminding me of an angsty teenager. 

Flash forward time! We’re back in the present, with Helena and Sarah attempting to escape Dyad. Enger (Elyse Levesque) is on the prowl for our sestras. Sarah finds a hidden side door and quickly ushers Helena inside, who’s about to pop. Said door leads to a basement. Sarah urges Helena to keep standing, but the latter wishes to sit. Methinks her babies can’t wait any longer. 

Then, we see PT Westmorland (Stephen McHattie) speaking with a living Coady (Kyra Harper). This took me by surprise. I pegged her as very much dead after the amount of times Helena bashed her skull. She’s one tough mad scientist. PT is throwing a temper tantrum, angry that his goons allowed a pregnant woman to escape. Coady gently reminds him that they’re searching every nook and cranny in Dyad for our sestras. 

Meanwhile, Sarah finds a piece of cardboard for Helena to lay on. She also locates a few pieces of makeshift weaponry: a pipe and a screwdriver. She hands Helena the screwdriver and vows to return. Sarah leaves the basement to track down more proper equipment suitable for giving birth. 

Art is on the case!

Later, while Coady is attempting to connect with Enger via radio, Art (Kevin Hanchard) knocks out his former partner. Then, he handcuffs her to a staircase railing and pockets her walkie-talkie. Smooth moves, detective! Once the Neos realize Coady has been incapacitated, they crack down on their search even more. Suddenly, PT begins experiencing chest pains and his speech is slurred. Uh oh. Looks like the baddie just went from bad to worst. Coady and the doctor on hand begin treating him immediately, while our Castor mom promises they’ll leave once they’ve secured Helena. 

Then, we see Sarah is continuing her search for medical equipment upstairs. Unfortunately, Coady and her Neo lackeys also begin scanning the room Sarah’s in. Our protagonist remains out of sight while the baddies look for her. However, once they leave the room a new person enters: Art. Yes, one of the good guys! Sarah informs Art that Helena is about to give birth in a musty old basement. He sets off to find her. 

Meanwhile, PT is taking his pick of a wide assortment of drugs to stave off the pain. The doctor strongly suggests he shouldn’t consume such a concoction, but PT’s going to do what PT’s going to do. 

Then, Coady pinpoints Helena’s location. Unfortunately, the sounds of labor are not ones that can be muffled. But, my girl Helena can still defend herself, labor or not. Coady brandishes a gun at our sestra and calls PT. She proclaims she’s found Helena, and the Leda clone is going to give birth now. We see Helena is holding the screwdriver behind her back. PT initially protests at this, as he wants to leave, but Coady puts her foot down. 

Pictured: Kyra Harper

Next, the doctor with PT believes he should stay put. In response, PT nonchalantly raises his gun and pulls the trigger, shooting the doc dead. Well, that’s that, I guess. Casualties are to be expected. 

Then, we see Art is making his way down the basement stairs. Suddenly, Coady is behind him with her weapon poised at the ready. She informs Art that he’s going to be the midwife. Detective Art Bell, Midwife Extraordinaire. I like the sound of that. At first he is repelled by the idea, but then he catches a subtle glint of mischief in Helena’s eyes and spots the screwdriver hidden from Coady at her side. She’s got a game plan in motion. Coady then instructs Art to put his finger up her cervix to determine how far apart her contractions are. Biology is sexy. 

Meanwhile, Sarah is now in the holding room Helena was in the previous episode. Suddenly, we hear PT’s voice echo in the space, but we cannot see him. Sarah points the gun that Art gave her. PT informs Sarah that he knows where Helena is. Sarah defiantly tells him that he was never able to control her or Helena, the only Leda twins that exist. That’s my girl. Give him Hell. 

Next, Art is “coaching” Helena on her breathing. Coady inches closer to get in on the action. In one swift motion, Helena drives the screwdriver straight through Coady’s throat. Well, that looks like it hurt. Then, Coady dies. For real this time. RIP, Castor mom. 

Meanwhile, PT fires his gun while pontificating to Sarah. Sarah, of course, can’t see him. She begins firing her gun in multiple directions, until we hear a thud and a grunt. Sounds like someone got hit. Suddenly, PT lunges himself toward Sarah, and attempts to suffocate her with a giant plastic curtain. I definitely freaked out at this moment, the longer that Sarah struggled against not getting suffocated. Finally, she launches a massive kick to PT’s chest and he flies off of her. We see he’s bleeding heavily from the gunshot. As he utters his last words about Sarah never forgetting him due to Kira, our hero takes an oxygen canister and smashes his head in. She is bad*** personified. Goodbye and good riddance, PT.

Now, we’re back in time with Mrs. S at Planned Parenthood. After S continues to give her a dose of tough motherly Irish love, Sarah reveals that she plans to keep the baby. Plot twist! Well, not really, since we know and love our Kira now. 


Present day. Sarah is back in the basement, helping Helena prepare for the birth. Art is sitting behind the mother-to-be, holding her upright. We see scenes interspersed of Sarah giving birth to Kira, and Mrs. S coaching her along. Sarah now takes on S’s role and cheers Helena on, telling her when to push and when to breathe. This is one of the most beautiful scenes on television I’ve ever seen. Witnessing the Leda twins give birth, seeing Sarah emulating her own mother, was absolutely masterful. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry. Finally, our favorite Ukrainian sestra gives birth to two beautiful twin boys. The look of joy on Helena’s face is something to behold. 

A sestra’s little bundle of joy.

Flash forward time! We see Helena has taken up residence in the Hendrixes’ garage with her two sons. She’s even fashioned some pretty awesome looking hammocks. She’s holding one of her sons, and he’s a little older now. 

Meanwhile, Sarah is studying for her GED test via video call with Cosima. Kira (Skyler Wexler) comes into the kitchen, reminding her mother about her school lunch. Sarah gives Kira lunch money and sends her daughter on her merry way. 

Then, Donnie (Kristian Bruun) pops by to give the babies some love and attention. He’s dressed to the nines in a suit, for his fancy new job as a contractor. Donnie picks up the twin Helena calls “Orange” (the other is called “Purple”) and hands him off to Auntie Alison, who’s in the trenches of baby shower decorating. Nice to see our favorite soccer mom is back to her crafty ways. Also, orange and purple are two of my favorite colors, so Helena for the win. 

Meanwhile, we visit our trio of scientists at their home base in Rabbit Hole Comics. Cosima is brainstorming with Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) and Scott (Josh Vokey) on how to track down more of the Leda clones who need the cure. Cosima is realizing there are more Ledas out there than she originally thought. They find one in Colombia, named Camilla. I always love meeting new clones. We also see a board containing faces of clones we’ve met, like Krystal and Tony. Delphine tells us that they’ve been administered the cure. I’m glad that Tony was given his due. Cophine is saving the world, y’all! 

The brother sestra has returned…

Later, Sarah is at home, rummaging through items of the past. Boxes are scattered about. Felix (Jordan Gavaris) strolls in, fresh off his trip to New York for another art installation. Fe is not thrilled to see Sarah packing up. He thinks Sarah and Kira need to settle down, plant their roots. 

Then, Sarah drives to the high school to take her GED test. She calls Helena. Sarah tells her meathead about how she’s much older than the high school dropouts she’s grouped with. Just as the test is about to begin, Sarah panics and leaves the school. No, Sarah! You can do it! She has another flashback involving Mrs. S, where she defiantly tells her mom that she doesn’t need her support. 

An ode to the Mother of Chickens.

Next, it’s party time! Everyone gathers at Alison’s house to celebrate Helena’s babies. Even Adele (Lauren Hammersley) is present. Art shows up with his daughter and Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) in tow. I love that Art took Charlotte in as his own. There’s Helena’s famous jam burgers (yes, burgers with jam), drinks galore and plenty of smiles to go around. Sarah pops by, with a box of Kira’s old stuff to give to her sestra. She quietly sneaks in and immediately goes for the alcohol. When she does finally make her presence known, everyone asks her about her GED test. Sarah lies and claims it was “good.” Delphine attempts to offer her condolences on Mrs. S, but Sarah politely brushes her words off. 

Meanwhile, Alison is upset that Sarah plans on moving. All of their children are getting along, the sestras are finally together without restraints. Isn’t this what they fought for? Sarah snaps, reminding them all that Kira would have to live in the same house her grandmother was shot in. She excuses herself after the outburst. My heart broke for Sarah at that moment. 

Alison and her homemade kombucha.

Then, Fe slips away to answer a phone call. Oh, secret phone calls! He informs his now steady beau Colin (Nicholas Rose) that he’s expecting someone. Who could that someone be?

Later, we see Sarah is sitting alone outside. Then, the sestras begin to trickle out. Cosima joins her, then Alison. 

Meanwhile, Felix is outside the Hendrix home, and he gets inside a mysterious car. Rachel is sitting next to him. She has a brand spankin’ new glass eye that’s honestly creepier than I expected it to be. She gives him an envelope containing something confidential. Rachel asks about the family, and Felix reminds her that she can’t go inside. She confesses that she never wants to see another face like hers again. We find out she’s alone, jobless and with no identity unless she wants to be found. It’s a rough life, and a fall from grace. I feel sorry for her. Felix bids her goodbye and leaves. 

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Then, Helena joins our sestra circle outside. Sarah breaks down and confesses that she lied about taking the GED test. Ever since they took down Neolution, there’s nothing to fight. Now she must face her own personal demons. Her own mistakes. Our sestras chime in with stories of comfort, of humor. They make Sarah laugh, and remind her that everyone makes mistakes. This is the scene we needed to see – our quartet together, in harmony. 

I just want Sarah to be happy.

Next, Felix breaks the Clone Club circle with some exciting news: the documents he received from Rachel contains a list of every living Leda clone ever. Our sestras are shocked to discover that 274 Leda clones exist around the world! That’s a lot of clones. Now, Cosima can administer the cure to all of them, except she needs to have 274 inoculations on hand. Time to make more crazy science!

Then, Helena introduces her memoirs, titled “Orphan Black.” It’s a tale of her sestras, heavily influenced by her twin Sarah. She begins reading the story of Sarah’s interaction with Beth on the train platform. No, I’m not crying, my allergies are acting up. How fitting that the show could be interpreted as Helena’s memoirs. 

So Helena is responsible for Orphan Black? Good to know.

Later, Alison is playing Kira’s theme on the keyboard. Again, Orphan Black hits me hard with the feelings. Donnie waltzes in and believes the somber tune is perfect for a bit of strip dancing. Donnie in his undies? Yes, please! Also, the Hendrixes are forever. 

Meanwhile, Delphine is treating the new clone Camilla in Colombia. Maslany’s Spanish is so convincing that again, I forget she’s playing another clone. Cosima is eavesdropping in another room. She makes sure to remain hidden when Camilla leaves, to keep the clones a secret. Yes, these two are saving the world, one clone at a time. A perfect ending for a perfect couple. 

Meet Camilla.

Then, we see Helena in the backyard at La Casa de Hendrix, with her baby boys. She decides it’s high time to give them proper names. She reveals they’re now known as Arthur and Donnie. Nope, still not crying. Just some pesky onions that are sitting directly under my face. 

Later, Sarah is at home. Yes, her real home. She stayed in her childhood house with Kira. We see beautiful, colorful paintings decorating the walls. She’s getting ready to go to the beach with Felix and Kira. Sarah is exuberant, the happiest we’ve ever seen her. She closes the door and we’re left with a lasting shot of the living room, decked out in bright colors. Mrs. S would approve. 

Here’s Cophine with a baby to make you smile.

Guys, this finale broke my heart and simultaneously mended it. I’m still not ready to bid adieu to Orphan Black, but this was a beautiful farewell indeed. Thank you to the Orphan Black Powers That Be for giving us a wonderful show filled to the brim with strong women. I’ve penned a farewell piece to Clone Club, where I word vomit my feelings. You can read that here

Sestras, brother sestras and the whole of Clone Club – if you need me, you can find me binge watching Orphan Black as I continue to live in denial that the series is really over. But is it really over? No, because a show like this will live in our hearts forever (sorry for the cheesy line but it was necessary).

Farewell, Orphan Black. We enjoyed making crazy science with you. 

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