DISCLAIMER: This Orphan Black recap contains more spoilers than the number of times someone has tried to take Helena’s babies. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Sestras and Brother Sestras! I don’t know about you, but I’m still attempting to recover from last week’s Orphan Black, let alone tonight’s foray. There were tears, laughs and genuine moments where I wasn’t breathing (obviously I didn’t hold my breath for too long). Our Powers That Be Graeme Manson and John Fawcett continuously create compelling television. We’re five seasons in and I can safely say that Orphan Black has never disappointed me. Which, of course, only makes the fact that the series finale is next week all the more bittersweet. 

What say you, Clone Club? Fancy a trip down the genetic rabbit hole? Grab your clone phones, hold your sestras tight and let’s begin!

We open with Helena (Tatiana Maslany) being wheeled away by PT’s henchmen to some unknown destination. She’s clearly drugged. As she slips in and out of consciousness, she begins to dream about the past. 

Flashback time! A young Helena (Habree Larratt) is at the orphanage she grew up in, rummaging in an empty office for chocolates. Yes, she’s a girl after my own heart. Suddenly, a nun (Cintija Asperger) enters the space, thinking she’s alone. She commences her alone time with God…and it has nothing to do with prayer. Helena, sneaking a peek at the nun, notices the latter is having too much fun. Sister Olga catches Helena watching, and accuses the young girl of having the “devil” inside her. As her punishment, she shoves poor Helena’s head into a bucket of bleach. Sister Irina (Eileen Sword) watches in horror but is powerless to stop the other nun. 

Later, Sister Olga locks Helena away in a closet. Helena removes the towel wrapped around her head, and we see her signature bleached locks. Red rings begin to form around her eyes. Our Helena has been reborn, out of pain and suffering. Also, that nun is truly awful. 

Flash forward time…to Mrs. S’s funeral. Oh, this was a tough one. I immediately needed tissues when this scene commenced. We see Sarah holding a sobbing Kira (Skyler Wexler). Felix (Jordan Gavaris) reads the letter Mrs. S wrote to her chickens before taking on Ferdinand. Adele (Lauren Hammersley) weeps quietly by Fe’s side. Art (Kevin Hanchard) is also present, as is Donnie (Kristian Bruun). Obviously, the other sestras couldn’t attend as it’s too risky with Neolution being in the open. 

Pictured (L to R): Kevin Hanchard, Tatiana Maslany, Skyler Wexler, Jordan Gavaris

After the service, we see Cosima and Alison video chatting together about the ordeal. Both are visibly crying, and hoping to support their sestra in need. They discuss how Sarah hasn’t even cried yet, and she’s the one who found Mrs. S. This is the part where Orphan Black smashes my heart with the power of Thor’s Mjolnir. 

Meanwhile, at S’s wake, Sarah is preoccupied with news footage of the Neolution scandal. Hashem Al-Khatib, Dyad board member, is being crowned as the scapegoat. He’s currently at large, according to the authorities. Art hands Sarah a bowl of his turkey chili and offers more than his condolences – he offers to help her in any way possible. Neolution threatened his family as well, and Mrs. S’s sacrifice was for the safety of all of Clone Club. Art, where’s my bowl of turkey chili? Help a girl out here! 

Suddenly, Sister Irina enters the fray, much to the surprise of everyone present. She brushes past Felix straight to Sarah, and hands the latter Helena’s journal. Immediately, Sarah senses that something is amiss regarding her sestra. 

Meanwhile, Helena notices two familiar faces riding in the ambulance with her. Virginia Coady (Kyra Harper) and Mark (Ari Millen). Mark is talking about Gracie, ignorant of the fact that she’s no longer living. Helena slips away, falling into another flashback…

Back in the orphanage, we see Tomas (Daniel Kash) make his first appearance in Helena’s life. He swoops in, showering her with compliments of how special she is. Helena looks apprehensive, which is exactly how I would feel in that situation too. 

Then, in the present day, our Clone Club Scoobies are gathered together, preparing to save Helena. They discover that Gracie was the one who gave Helena up to PT. Sister Irina writes down that there was a significant amount of blood in our sestra’s room. An idea dawns on Fe, and it’s not one to Sarah’s liking. He decides to call upon Rachel. 

Pictured: Kristian Bruun


Later, Felix and Art pay Rachel a visit. They tell her that Helena has been kidnapped, and they assume she’s headed to the Island. Rachel scoffs at this, telling them not to make assumptions. Do tell, Sestra Duncan!

Then, we see Helena being wheeled in to a place that looks familiar…remote, but familiar. PT Westmorland (Stephen McHattie), or should I say John, is also present. He’s looking very rough around the edges, relying on a breathing mask for lung support. Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moodie) is by his side, swearing his allegiance to all that is Neo. We learn that our bad guys are taking out the board members of Dyad, to make sure they don’t talk. Once PT is aware that Helena is in the facility, he removes his wig. Yes, his wig. Now he’s ready to deliver some miracle babies. For his own benefit, of course. 

Meanwhile, Sarah is home with Kira. We see her examine a door frame that’s riddled with markings of height indication from over the years – of her height as a child, Felix and even Kira. Then, she spies Mrs. S’s coat hanging on the door and smells it, taking in her mother’s scent. Yes, I’m now crying again, thank you for asking. 

Pictured: Skyler Wexler and Tatiana Maslany

Later, Felix has gleaned more information off Rachel and leaves with Art to sniff out the Helena trail. Fe leaves Josh (Scott Vokey) as Rachel’s “caregiver.” This should be fun. 

Then, Art waltzes into his old stomping grounds – the police station. He catches Detective Enger (Elyse Levesque) inside, and she throws him a wink. Art knows that, based off the information Rachel gave him, Enger is heavily involved in Neolution, following PT with a fierce devotion. He runs into his boss Gavin Hardcastle (Ron Lea), who suspects that Art is entwined with Neolution. Art tries to convince the lieutenant that Enger is more involved than he is.

Next, PT is in a panic while Coady prepares to dilate Helena for delivery. He rashly orders the scientist to “cut them out.” Coady is taken aback, reminding PT that a c-section could pose a serious threat to the survival of the twins. However, PT needs the magic of Helena’s miracle babies in order to keep on living. 

Pictured (L to R): Kyra Harper, Tatiana Maslany, Stephen McHattie

Flashback time! Helena is living with Tomas and playing with her dolls. Our girl is learning all about the “copies,” and how they are abominations. I want to play dolls with a young Helena. 

Now, back in the present day, Helena spits in Coady’s face for killing Gracie. Coady has her assistant slide a muzzle-like device over Helena’s mouth, informing her that contractions will begin shortly. Not if Helena has anything to say about that. Don’t mess with her babies. 

Meanwhile, Art returns to Felix and hands him a file containing the Dyad board member deaths that have occurred since Neolution’s unveiling. We see Cosima crossing out names on a list, as they narrow down who’s still alive and perhaps willing to talk. Rachel’s name is one of the last remaining listed. And, of course, Al-Khatib. Bingo was his name-o.

Then, PT pulls Coady aside and tells her that Mark has to go. Time to end the Castor line once and for all. Coady protests, since Castor is her baby after all. However, PT insists that “the future is female,” reminding me of Hell Wizard’s shirt from last week’s episode. Coady reluctantly relents. 

Meanwhile, we see Frontenac talking with Al-Khatib (Elie Gemael). Well, more like calmly conversing with Al-Khatib while pointing a gun at him. Frontenac’s ultimatum? Either Al-Khatib is on board, keeping quiet, or he’s dead. Suddenly, Felix rushes in like a storm, blathering on about decorating. Basically, being top Fe, the one we know and love. This acts as a distraction so Art can artfully (heehee) slip in behind them, gun at the ready. Frontenac also points his weapon at the detective. Fortunately, Art is a quicker draw. He shoots Frontenac dead. The pair decide to take Al-Khatib to Rachel. 

Pictured: Kevin Hanchard and Andrew Moodie

Later, Coady is administering a serum that she’s toting as “the cure” to a giddy Mark. He’s gushing about Gracie and her desire to become a dental hygienist. Mark’s dream career? PE teacher. He suddenly feels drowsy, which Coady claims is a side effect of the vaccine. We know better – we know that she’s quietly euthanizing the poor Castor. I really liked Mark, and this scene was heartbreaking. But, better to go happily and painlessly than screaming in agony. 

Now, let the contractions begin! But first – more flashback time. Helena is grown now, praying at an altar. Tomas places a blade in her hand and tells her she’s ready. We see her head inside a church with said blade behind her back. She slips it between the ribs of an unknown girl. Well, she’s actually quite familiar. Her face is identical to Helena’s, which frightens her. Later, Helena tells Tomas that she too is a “copy” but he comforts her, insisting that she’s the “original.” We see Helena take a blade and begin carving bloody angel wings into her back. 

Flash forward! While Helena is entrenched in contractions, she pleads with Coady to leave her babies alone. She just wants to be a good mother to them. Coady tells Helena that she wouldn’t know how to be a good mother. Helena was abandoned at a young age and trained to kill her sestras. Please Coady, continue pouring salt in the wound. Once again, Maslany makes my jaw drop with her sheer talent. Helena’s raw emotion here is so tragic. 

Pictured (L to R): Kyra Harper, Tatiana Maslany, Ted Dykstra

Later, Al-Khatib is with Rachel. He claims to know nothing of Helena’s whereabouts. Sarah, who’s on the phone with the gang, tells Rachel that perhaps they ought to give PT what he really wants – her. But will Rachel go willingly? 

Meanwhile, Helena is being Helena and looking for a way out. She’s able to snatch a pair of scissors and works to sever her bonds. That’s my girl. Always the fighter. Then, PT receives a call from Al-Khatib. Our scapegoat informs the old man that he has Rachel. Well, this should be interesting. 

Later, Al-Khatib leaves a vehicle with Rachel trapped in the trunk. Enger gets in said vehicle and drives away – but not before Al-Khatib can plant a tracking device. Art begins to follow the car to its intended destination. Rachel tells our gang that PT will want an audience with her before he finishes her off, so Sarah will have to stall. Yes, that’s Sarah dressed as Rachel in the trunk of a car. Man, I’m going to miss the clone swaps!

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Then, Helena decides to take a different escape route. She begins speaking to her babies in Russian, telling them that they deserve better than her. She punctures a vein in her wrist with the intentions of bleeding to death. No! I don’t like where this is going! 

Meanwhile, Art follows Enger to…Dyad? Well, a building next to Dyad. Of course, police/media are monitoring Dyad due to the news dump. Cosima, Scott and Rachel recognize the space as one they frequented quite a bit during their Dyad days. PT is hiding in plain sight. 

Next, Enger leads Sarah to PT, who is sitting in Rachel’s office. PT is pretty miffed at the moment. Sarah begins to feign emotion and bows her head, hoping PT doesn’t notice that she’s not actually crying. She even calls him “father.” This perks up PT’s ears. PT reaches out a hand, refers to her as “daughter” and promptly removes Sarah’s wig. Sarah launches at PT and slashes him in the neck with her knife. Get it, girl! Enger immediately latches on to Sarah’s wrists. 

Suddenly, Coady rushes into the room and ushers Sarah downstairs, claiming that Helena is bleeding out and they must perform a blood transfusion. Save your sestra, Sarah!

Meanwhile, Scott and Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) break into Dyad as security and an organ deliverer. Once they’re safely inside, the pair pulls out an electronic device and they get down to business (to defeat the Neos). 

Then, we see Sarah is by Helena’s side, telling her “meathead” sestra to stay with her. I need to stop cutting onions while I watch this show. Everything is doused in red. Coady sets up the transfusion, and we see blood travel from Sarah to Helena. 

Later, Scott gives Art access through a fire door, which sets off the alarm. Art shoves Scott outside, telling him he’s done enough. He hopes the noise attracts the authorities so they can catch PT red handed. Art is sporting a bullet-proof vest and, weapons at the ready, he prepares for battle. 

Then, Helena regains consciousness! No more sestras need die on this day. She asks Coady for water. As the scientist is holding the water bottle to Helena’s lips, our sestra begins violently bashing Coady’s head against the side table. Violently. Coady falls limply to the floor. Suddenly, while Sarah and Helena attempt to escape, the latter’s water breaks. Time for some miracle babies!


Orphan Black will be the death of me. Of this I am sure. So many heart-stopping, heart-pounding twists and turns this episode! Mrs. S’s funeral scene killed me. I was thrilled to see Helena get her time in the spotlight this week, with her origins story of sorts. Every hero has one. Of course, seeing all of Clone Club (including Rachel) band together to save Helena was touching. I can’t believe that next week is the series finale! Tonight’s penultimate episode gave us a wonderful set up for the end of The Final Trip. 

Who do you think will survive the series? Will the core members of Clone Club stay safe? How far will PT go to snatch Helena’s babies? Will Sarah finally allow herself to grieve over S? Also, where in the world is Cal? Join me next week as I chronicle the Orphan Black series finale, here at Geek Girl Authority!


Orphan Black will end The Final Trip next Saturday at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate. 

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