DISCLAIMER: This Orphan Black recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Helena has escaped the Neolutionists. Or, just escaped in general. Helena is very good at that. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Chickens! Orphan Black returned tonight and proceeded to smash my heart with a mallet into millions of pieces. Firstly, not only did we lose our favorite TV mom, we lost two other characters who were crucial to the makeup of this show. I don’t know about you, but I was on pins and needles the entirety of this episode. Even during the delightful family gathering at Felix’s art show…I knew something massive was about to occur. Earth shattering. Now, we only have two episodes of Orphan Black left to see how The Final Trip comes to a close. 

Alright, shall we dive right in, Clone Club? Make sure to have an ample supply of tissues on hand. You’re going to need them. 

We open with the aftermath of Kira’s Dyad escape, at Sarah’s home. Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) keeps watch for intruders with her gun at the ready while Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) guards a sleeping Kira (Skyler Wexler). So far so good.

Meanwhile Rachel, post-prosthetic eye removal, is stumbling her way to the elevator at Dyad. She’s clutching the gaping hole in her face where said eye used to be. Note to self: if I ever need my eyes removed, go to Rachel. Quick and easy. She collapses on the floor, teetering in and out of consciousness. We see the elevator doors open to reveal a slick pair of shoe. Then, she’s sequestered away in a hotel room as a strange man effectively stitches up her eye socket. Later, when Rachel wakes up in bed, we see Ferdinand (James Frain) was behind it all. Still upset with him for killing MK.

Next, Sarah introduces Kira to Charlotte (Cynthia Galant). The duo is going to stay with Art (Kevin Hanchard) for a while. Art then reveals that all has been quiet on the Neolution front – his former partner Enger has fallen off the radar. Mrs. S and Sarah can attest to this, since escaping with Kira seemingly rendered no backlash. Our favorite Irish mom also brings up a good point regarding Rachel – now that everyone is aware that PT Westmorland is a fraud, Rachel has become a liability. Thus, she’s now a moving target. 

Meanwhile, Clone Club Resident Lovebirds Cosima and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) are lounging about their home. Cosima wants to do “brunch” (which I think is code for something), while Delphine is all sestra business. They start a video call with Mrs. S and Sarah. 

Pictured: Evelyne Brochu

Suddenly, Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Adele (Lauren Hammersley) make their triumphant return to North America. Oh, how I’ve missed my Fe so much. He reveals that he’ll be throwing his first art show in two years that same night. Mrs. S thinks that it’s high-time the sestras took a much needed break. No Clone Club drama. No Neolution.

Of course, the Hendrixes are helping with the catering, and the gang’s all invited. However, Sarah won’t allow herself the night to just rest. She’s so transfixed on nipping the Neo threat in the bud that she can’t focus on much else. Mrs. S tells her that she’s going to get flowers for Felix, but Sarah suspects her mother has something else up her sleeve. 

Meanwhile, Helena and Gracie (Zoe de Grand Maison) are enjoying a tense lunch at the convent. Helena doesn’t fully trust Gracie yet. Gracie tells her that Mark died a few weeks ago and she has nowhere else to go. Of course, we know the Castor clone is still breathing. Helena allows Gracie to feel her babies. Helena finally lets her guard down, telling Gracie that her babies remember her. They’re family. Aw, how sweet. 


Later, the Hendrixes are helping Felix decorate for his art show. Donnie (Kristian Bruun) is still taken aback by his wife’s drastic transformation, and not just the purple hair streaks. Alison refuses to “boss” him around, allowing Donnie to arrange Felix’s pieces wherever he sees fit. Alison offers to show off her beast-like keyboarding skills during the show, which Felix shoots down very, very quickly. I’m still waiting for my Best Of album featuring all the greats by Alison and Donnie Hendrix. 

Back at Sarah’s abode, Mrs. S leaves her daughter with Adele while she runs off to fetch flowers for Fe. Sarah continues to grill her about her true motives. Mrs. S continues to brush her remarks aside (lovingly, of course). 

Then, at Rabbit Hole Comics, Scott (Josh Vokey) and Cosima discuss the 144 batches of the inoculate they have in their possession. Cosima plans to give each dose to however many Leda clones still exist in the world. You get the cure, you get the cure, everyone gets the cure! Meanwhile, Delphine leaves the duo to their cure talks. Cosima reveals to Scott that they have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in their relationship. Interesting. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Next, Delphine meets with Mrs. S at a hotel. So Mrs. S does have something up her sleeve! They stand outside a room, with the door opening to reveal Ferdinand. Our pair is led inside to meet with the bedridden Rachel. Mrs. S has information that the former lovebirds need. All four of them have the same desire to bring PT and the Neos (not a band, but it is a cool name) down. 

Meanwhile, Adele and Sarah are prepping all the tasty treats for the art opening. Adele is regaling Sarah with stories, while our hero keeps questioning Delphine’s doings in Geneva. Adele is getting visibly annoyed. 

Then, Mrs. S tries to give Rachel a USB that contains all the evidence our gang has gathered to bring Neolution to its knees. Everything that Felix and Adele found in Geneva regarding Dyad’s financial interests. Mrs. S asks for Rachel’s help in backing her evidence. Rachel, being the CEO, must have information of “where the bodies are buried.” All the dirt on Dyad. She tells Rachel she must give herself a “chance to be free.” Seriously, Mrs. S could convince me to do just about anything. 

And the party is about to begin! Felix and Alison are chatting away when none other than Colin (Nicholas Rose) waltzes in, bearing gifts for the artist. Felize introduces Alison as Sarah, which confuses Colin. He replies that he remembers tagging Sarah’s dead body. Oh, if only you knew the truth, Colin. 

Pictured: Jordan Gavaris

Next, Gracie is pitching in with the household chores at the convent. Helena is pulled away to clean the toilets (fun), while Gracie sneaks a call to a very much not dead Mark (Ari Millen). He asks her if she’s located Helena yet. I knew he sent her to find our sestra! Gracie flat out lies, saying she’ll check another convent the following day. Mark reminds her that his life is on the line – she must find Helena if he’s to receive the cure.

Once the pair ends their conversation we see Coady (Kyra Harper) is with Mark. She asks the Castor clone if Gracie is lying. His face reveals that he doesn’t believe her claims. Uh oh. This won’t end well. 

Meanwhile, the art show is off to a roaring start. Since the sestras can’t all be together simultaneously (too much to explain), he rotates each Leda by introducing them as different goddesses to the crowd. These goddess traits of course are prevalent in Felix’s portraits of each sestra. He starts with Alison, and the crowd eats it up (not her, of course). We see Felix is trying to impress a hotshot art dealer from Geneva named Ezra Lue (Kent Staines). Ezra certainly seems impressed.

Then, Alison taps out and Cosima enters the fray, looking rosy cheeked and vibrant. She begins dancing in the middle of the crowd and others join in. I’m so happy my science sestra is cured. It’s great to see Cos so full of life. 

Later, we see Sarah and Adele are leaving for the party. Adele finally blows up on Sarah, fed up with her antics. But while Adele tries to get Sarah to focus on her brother, she accidentally lets slip that Mrs. S was meeting with Ferdinand. This sets Sarah off. 

Then, Rachel and Ferdinand plan for their future. Ferdinand has very intention of taking the data Mrs. S gave them and bleeding the inevitable cash flow from it dry. All he sees is “pay dirt.” He plans to bring this information to the Board in the hopes he can glean more money off of PT’s fall from grace. Rachel tries to convince him to run away with her to someplace warm. Ferdinand hops aboard the fantasy, willing to join her after his meeting. 

Back at the opening, Art tells Donnie to inform him when Sarah shows up. Our detective looks mighty concerned. Perhaps he knows something we don’t?

Later, Sarah makes her appearance, but she’s not a happy camper. She reveals what she discovered about Mrs. S and Ferdinand’s elicit meeting, but Fe has other plans for our girl. He thrusts her into the spotlight, introducing her as Athena, Goddess of War. How appropriate for Sarah Manning. Sarah begrudgingly enters the space, waving curtly at the audience around her. 

Next, we see Mrs. S at home, arranging the flowers she purchased for Felix. She also loads her guns and pens a heartfelt letter to…her kids? Tears streak down her face. Oh no. This is the moment I’ve been fearing – the perpetual “other shoe” is dropping. 

Meanwhile, Sarah meets up with Art. They gaze at Felix’s art tribute to Beth, which is a lovely piece. Honestly, I want to purchase all of his artwork. Sarah tells Art to keep an eye out for Mrs. S, while the latter informs Sarah about Enger’s disappearance. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and Kevin Hanchard

Later, Helena confronts Gracie about her call to Mark. She believes Gracie betrayed her position to the Castor clone. Gracie insists she lied to Mark. Helena buys it, but tosses Gracie’s phone into the toilet so nobody can track them. Now, it’s time for them to high-tail it out of there.

Pictured: Zoe de Grand Maison and Tatiana Maslany

Then, Ferdinand presents his data to take down PT to the Board…except, nothing is on the USB. You know, the same one Mrs. S gave him. It’s been wiped clean. Thus, the Board attempts to take him out, but Ferdinand draws first. He forces all of them to keep their hands on the table while he flees. One of the Board members vows that he won’t get away with this. Meanwhile, we see Mrs. S is back with Rachel and gleaning off all said data on her own drive. Rachel feels guilty for betraying the only person who ever loved her. Mrs. S takes this as their way of bringing down the Neos once and for all. 

“We do what we can. Each of us in our own way.”

Later, Helena has finally been captured by the Neos no thanks to Gracie, who caved in. Enger (Elyse Levesque) is on the scene. While Gracie tearfully apologizes to a violent Helena, Enger shoots the young girl in the head. Uh oh. Was Mark behind this?

Then, Mrs. S makes her grand entrance at the art show. Sarah heatedly confronts her, but her mom assures her that steps were taken to ensure their victory. Rachel cooperated and gave them the ammo necessary to take out Neolution. It’s all over. We see our gang breathe a collective sigh of relief – even the stoic Sarah cracks a smile. Everyone heads back inside to party.

Later, Cosima and Delphine are preparing to go live with their Dyad Dirt. They publish their dirty secrets on the internet, for all the world to see. After laughing with joy, Cosima breaks down in tears, grateful that it’s all over. Delphine holds her. 

Meanwhile, Felix gives a beautifully touching speech celebrating the women in his life. He brings forward Sarah, Adele and Mrs. S. Fe lifts them up, and thanks them for shaping who he is today. Cue the waterworks. As Hell Wizard’s shirt says, “The Future Is Female.” 

A galaxy of women.

Later, an irate Ferdinand marches inside Rachel’s room and confronts her. She fights back, saying that he didn’t listen to her and this is the only way they can successfully bring down Dyad. Ferdinand knows that Mrs. S has the data now. He begins to violently choke Rachel. Just when she’s about to lose consciousness he backs away, unable to kill her. Ferdinand storms out. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and James Frain

Back at the party, Felix introduces Colin to Mrs. S, who immediately warms to him. Then, after receiving a phone call from Rachel saying Ferdinand made it out alive, Mrs. S quietly slips away from the crowd. Nope, this is not a good idea. Don’t do it, Siobhan!

Later, Mrs. S arrives at her home to find it in disarray. She brandishes her gun, ready for anything. Suddenly, we see Ferdinand by the front entrance, weapon also raised at the ready. Mrs. S coaxes Ferdinand into dropping his gun so they can talk. Both place their guns on the table simultaneously. Mrs. S reveals that Dyad and Neolution are in the process of gaining international exposure.

Suddenly, Ferdinand pulls out a gun of Mrs. S’s that he found hidden in the house. He shoots her in the chest. Back at the party, Sarah begins to panic, wondering where her mother went. Mrs. S slinks into her armchair. She asks Ferdinand to hand her a photo of Felix and Sarah to cradle one last time. As he moves with it toward her, he drops the photo. Mrs. S shoots him in the throat. In minutes, he’s dead. Our S calls out for her chickens, then takes her last breath. 

Siobhan Sadler, Mother and Warrior till the end.

Holy guacamole! Orphan Black usually makes me cry on a regular basis, but I didn’t expect this! I’m in shock. Well, I suppose we are so close to the finish line and casualties are bound to happen. But Mrs. S! I loved that she was a fighter till the end, and like the bad*** she was she made sure Ferdinand was taken out. Maria Doyle Kennedy, thank you for being the best TV mom who ever TV mom-ed, and for portraying such a strong maternal figure for five seasons. We are all your chickens. 

Do you think Sarah and Felix will retaliate against Rachel? Will any main sestras make the Orphan Black Final Trip chopping block? Can Coady really cure Mark? What will PT do with Helena’s babies? Also, where the heck is Cal? We’ve got only two episodes left, Clone Club!


Orphan Black will continue The Final Trip Saturdays at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate. 


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