DISCLAIMER: This Orphan Black recap contains more spoilers than the purple streaks in Alison’s hair, so tread with caution. Proceed at your own risk, Sestras and Brother Sestras.

Greetings, Clone Club! Orphan Black jacked up the intensity level to an eleven this week. Can you believe there are only three episodes left after this? While I don’t want the Clone Club ride to end, I’m also curious about what happens next after that cliffhanger. This is the second time Rachel has had her eye completely obliterated. Tatiana Maslany knocked it out of the park once again with her riveting, heartbreaking performance as the head of Dyad. I  usually love to hate Rachel, but this episode made me love her more, and sympathize with her plight. She’s a puppet just like the rest of them. Shall we dive into this week’s Orphan Black, or “Gag or Throttle?” Okay, that one was pretty corny. 

We open with a much younger Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer) at Dyad, surrounded by a group of investors in the world of genetics. Leekie is discussing our Leda clones with them. He ushers in a young Rachel (Cynthia Galant), who appears to be more aware of her clone status than the others. She even recites her own identification number. It’s pretty evident that, even from a young age, Rachel was meant to live in this industry. 

Now, flash forward to present day. PT Westmorland (Stephen McHattie) is speaking via video call to a group of similar looking Neolution investors, all crowded round a table. Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) is sitting at the head of the table. PT turns the remainder of the meeting over to her. Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moodie) brings in Kira (Skyler Wexler). Rachel introduces her as their “Modern Day Eve.” With Kira’s magical eggs, Neolution can continue the cloning process. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and Skyler Wexler

Later, Kira is sitting in Rachel’s office, drawing. She asks to speak with her mother, but Rachel has Kira sequestered away under the guise of “bed time.” She vows to let Kira call Sarah the next day. 

Meanwhile, Sarah is furious at Rachel for continuing to keep Kira from her. Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) goes into action mode, loading her guns with every intention of storming Dyad. Sarah, however, keeps an even keel and reminds her mother that “losing your cool” is never cool. Or something like that. 

Then, Scott (Josh Vokey) is met with a delightful surprise in his basement lab. Cosima and Charlotte have returned safely! Our girl Cos even made it appear they drowned out on the water. She used all the crazy science for that one. Cosima calls Sarah and informs her of Neolution’s grand scheme of snatching Kira’s eggs to restart cloning. Essentially, Kira is Kendra 2.0.

Alison makes an appearance in the duo’s video call, all the way from sunny California. She informs her sestras that she was on a retreat and plans to head home shortly. Cosima tells Alison to keep her children at her mother’s house, for safety reasons. Then, Cos reveals that PT Westmorland is a fraud, and that he’s not really 170 years old.

Alison, appearing very retreat-like at her retreat.

Meanwhile, Rachel returns to the Island to pay her respects to her fallen mother. She lays flowers on Susan’s makeshift grave. We see that Ira has also met his demise, as he’s buried next to Susan. Now, whether he died from illness or by the hands of PT remains to be seen. Aw, I really liked Ira. He had a strange calmness about him that I appreciated. May he find peace in The Great Beyond. 

While Rachel quietly stands near the graves she has a flashback that involves PT. He’s asking her to spearhead his cause, be his right hand woman. Then, he confesses that he thinks of himself as a father figure to Rachel. Back in the present day, PT slithers up beside Rachel and offers his condolences. If only Rachel knew he was the one who carried out her murder…


Later, Rachel is ushered to the basement lab (lots of labs in basements on this show), where Coady (Kyra Harper) is waiting to meet her. Coady is now head of Neolution’s genetic division. Coady is going to perform a swift examination to make sure Rachel is in good health. Meanwhile, Rachel has another flashback. She’s signing a document administered by PT, stating that she is free from testing, free from monitoring and free from being identified as scientific property. We see the emotion on Rachel’s face as she embraces her newfound freedom. Unfortunately, as she awaits examination she notices her file pulled up on Coady’s computer, with her ID number scrawled under her name. She’s not as free as she thinks she is.

Pictured: Stephen McHattie

Then, Coady begins examining her lady parts. Rachel recalls another old memory of a similar situation, when she was younger. In this flashback, Rachel has long, dirty blonde hair. I dig it. Leekie is standing over her, as she questions him on the recent outbreak that’s claiming the lives of other Leda clones. This appears to be the start of the illness the clones are fighting against. Rachel wishes to see her files, but Leekie remains tight lipped on that front. 

Flash forward to present day. Coady finishes up her examination and informs Rachel she appears to be in good health. Rachel asks for privacy, and once Coady leaves we see she’s visibly shaken. The threads are unraveling and she’s beginning to question her place in Neolution. 

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mrs. S are continuing their plotting to free Kira. Mrs. S mentions the Neolution board and whether they’re convinced that PT is who he says he is. Then, we see Cosima, Scott and Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) trying to crack the egg that is PT Westmorland. They begin searching the files of deceased persons from the 1960s who attended Cambridge, to see if perhaps he stole one of their identities. Sarah and Mrs. S discover that Dyad is doing business with investors from Kuwait, spearheaded by one of the Neolution board members. The pair hopes to begin there with their investigating. 

Then, we see a frantic Donnie (Kristian Bruun) cleaning up the house before, presumably, Alison arrives. After discarding the last of the pizza boxes Alison arrives in all her glory. She’s sporting a fresh new bob with purple streaks. Hello, who are you and what have you done with Alison? Donnie is shocked as Alison gushes about her retreat and her newfound approach on life. She’s all chill now. Drinking? Drugs? Those were just side effects of Alison refusing to face her darkness. I bloody love this woman, purple streaks and all.

Surprise! New ‘do, new attitude.

Later, Rachel meets with PT to discuss Kira’s transition to the Island. PT comments on Rachel’s growing fondness of the little girl, thinking it may cloud her judgement. Rachel fights to keep her at Dyad, but PT pulls the seniority card. Rachel yields, saying that he knows best. Fight back, Rachel! Where’s the fire that usually burns inside you?

Meanwhile, a man enters the basement lab in handcuffs, sporting a sack over his head. Coady is waiting for him. Once the sack and handcuffs are removed we see it’s Mark (Ari Millen). Yay, he’s alive! Coady brought him in for a favor: he helps hunt down Helena, and she’ll give him the cure. It’s a win/win. Speaking of which…

Helena is curled up on her bed at the nunnery, appearing to be asleep. A shrouded figure enters her room. We see it’s none other than Gracie (Zoe de Grand Maison). Either she was sent by Mark to fetch our sestra, or she’s there to warn Helena of Coady’s plans for her and her babies. Only time will tell. Regardless, Helena is shocked to see her.

Pictured: Zoe de Grand Maison

Later, Rachel is snooping in PT’s office. She stumbles upon a Kindle-esque device. Upon turning it on she sees a reflection of her own hand holding said device. It’s meant to view whatever Rachel is seeing through her high-tech eye. PT has been monitoring her every move. 

Flashback time! A younger Rachel leads Leekie to a deceased body on a slab. We see it’s another Leda clone, named Miriam Johnson. Leekie finds out that Rachel killed Miriam for research purposes. Rachel retorts that Miriam was already dying, so she simply sped up the process. Leekie begins to question Rachel’s character. 

Meanwhile, Rachel returns to Dyad and quickly ushers Kira away so she can work. And by “work,” she means drink herself into a stupor. 

Later, Coady takes Mark to Ira’s grave. Mark asks Coady if he’s the last of his brothers, to which Coady doesn’t respond. So many secrets! 

Pictured: Kyra Harper and Ari Millen

Then, back at La Casa de Hendrix, Alison is cleaning out her crafts room. I believe pigs are now flying. They must be, because no one cherishes all things DIY more than Alison. She lugs in a keyboard, intent on turning the space into a music room. Donnie is elated, hoping to purchase a bass or drums so they can start a band. I would buy their album ten times over. Alison informs him that she’ll no longer boss him around, so he can do as he pleases. Whoa.

Meanwhile, Kira is video calling Sarah and showing her mother the book she’s writing. It includes an elephant and a mouse, going to a place called “Wonderland.” Sarah knows it’s all a metaphor for Kira going to the Island. Kira confesses that she misses her mother and wishes to come home. Mr. Frontenac pulls her away. 

Later, Rachel is sitting and drinking in her interrogation/holding room, watching videos of when she was little and playing with a younger Susan. Happier times. PT watches her through his monitor, observing the amount of times she pours alcohol into a glass and slugs it down. He calls her to ask if she’s alright. Rachel assures him that she’s moving forward with his plan. Mr. Frontenac brings in Kira, who is video called by PT. He tells her how excited he is to finally meet her. 

Meanwhile, our trio at Rabbit Hole Comics are continuing to leaf through Cambridge obituaries from the ’60’s. They stop at someone named JP Mathison. Cosima recognizes the face and immediately knows this is the identity PT assumed. She calls Sarah to inform her of the news. They got him! 

Then, we see Rachel mixing a sedative into a glass of orange juice, presumably for Kira. Sarah calls her and informs her of PT’s fraudulence. Unfortunately, PT is also listening in on this conversation. Rachel tries to brush her off, while Sarah pleads for the return of her daughter. Rachel, devoid of any emotion, responds that it’s out of her hands. 

After her call with Sarah, Rachel brings the sedative to Kira and forces her to drink it, which immediately knocks her unconscious. She returns to her office and emails the file she received of the identity PT stole. 

The wheels are turning…

Meanwhile, Art (Kevin Hanchard) arrives at Mrs. S’s home to warn the girls that Dyad is coming for them, at the behest of PT. Back at Dyad, Rachel sits quietly on the floor, meditating. She puts her eye patch over her high-tech eye and assumes the identity of Pirate Rachel once more. Now PT is unable to observe what Rachel’s doing. 

Rachel wheels out an unconscious Kira to the elevator. Back at Mrs. S’s house, we see Mr. Frontenac and his cronies break inside, searching for Sarah but coming up short. Her and Mrs. S are gone. When the elevator doors open at Dyad we see Sarah and Mrs. S. Rachel gives them Kira, while Mrs. S silently thanks her as the door close. 

Later, Rachel stumbles back to her office. PT is trying to take control of her eye since it’s still covered, which is causing her pain. She then breaks her martini glass, holding the broken shards of the stem up to her face. Rachel removes her eye patch and slowly begins to gouge out her high-tech eye. I don’t think I’ve ever been more squeamish in my life. PT also watches in horror, then his monitor goes black once her eye is fully removed. 

Finally, she can be free.

Holy guacamole, Batman! Orphan Black is so adept at making you literally sit on the edge of your seat. Not to mention, Rachel is one of my favorite characters due to her stunning complexities, and Maslany is a master of nuance. One of her most powerful performances to date. I felt so much for Rachel in this episode, and am glad she’s recognizing that PT is a fraud. We also saw the return of Mark and Gracie! I’m glad that we’re keeping Ari Millen around, as I really enjoyed him playing the Castor clones. 

Do you think Rachel will survive her latest eye removal? Can Coady really cure Mark, or is she full of it? What are Gracie’s intentions with Helena? Will PT figure out that Kira is with Sarah again? So many questions, and only three episodes of Orphan Black left to answer them!


Orphan Black will continue The Final Trip Saturday’s at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate. 




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