Greetings, Clone Club! Orphan Black returned this week with an abundance of crucial backstory, specifically regarding PT Westmorland and Susan Duncan. We learned so much! Susan is alive and pseudo well, having been nursed back to health by PT himself. Sarah found Helena in her hideaway convent, where they shared a mushy gushy sestra moment. Mrs. S went deep undercover to dig up more information about the creator of Neolution. We saw two familiar faces make their returns this episode. Cosima made a terrifying discovery about the creature haunting the woods outside Revival. This episode of Orphan Black was jam packed, so let’s unpack it, shall we? Friendly reminder that spoilers will frequent this article as much as Adele can probably drink, which is, well…a lot. 

We open with a closeup of Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore). She’s waking up in PT Westmorland’s sprawling manor. The creator of Neolution himself (Stephen McHattie) graces Susan with his presence, and explains that he’s not finished with her yet. Susan is reticent, especially after Rachel almost succeeding in killing her. PT mentions that they must stop living in the past if they wish to move toward the future. Eloquent, yes, but also ripped straight from The Villain’s Playbook (I just made that up). 

Meanwhile, Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) and Aisha (Sirena Gulamgaus) are tending to their pigs in Revival when they notice that one of them is missing. Charlotte sees the cage is unlocked, and thus begins their search through the woods. Later, they stumble upon the missing pig in question, injured. Charlotte picks up a tooth near the scene of the crime, but before the girls can explore further they are startled by a roar. Mud (Jenessa Grant) rescues the two girls and scolds them for being so far out of Revival. The woods are scary, y’all.

Pictured: Jenessa Grant

Later, Kira (Skyler Wexler) is scrambling her things together for school while Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) tries to pry her about her sessions with Rachel. Kira attempts to brush her off, claiming she’ll be late for gym class. Moms are such a drag, am I right? Kira winces from Sarah squeezing her too tightly, which prompts the latter to discover Kira’s injured arm. Sarah rightfully freaks out. Downstairs, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) appears to be talking to one of her many sources. Sarah shows Kira’s arm to Mrs. S and Felix (Jordan Gavaris). Kira grudgingly admits that Rachel didn’t hurt her, but she cut her own arm as an experiment. Just how fast can she heal? 

Pictured: Skyler Wexler and Tatiana Maslany

Then, Mrs. S tells Felix that Kira will be staying with him for a while. Slumber party time! Meanwhile, Mrs. S and Sarah will be meeting a source of the former’s that may help them free Kira from Dyad’s clutches. I love Mrs. S. She literally has a “guy” for everything. 

Next, back on the Island, we see PT reunites Ira (Ari Millen) with Susan. Ah, young love. Such a jovial Mother/Son/ Lovers reunion. Oedipus complex at work. Okay, I’m done now. 

Pictured: Rosemary Dunsmore and Ari Millen

Meanwhile, Mrs. S and Sarah team up with Scott (Josh Vokey) and Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold). “Hell Wizard” is probably the coolest name ever, behind Titus Welliver. Anyway, Scott has been Nancy Drew-ing out the wazoo. He discovered the enigma that is PT Westmorland, and that the Father of Neolution went missing in 1894 and was declared dead in 1898. Mrs. S obtains more information about her contact from Hell Wizard. I love that he’s suddenly Team Clone Club. Scott is ordered to continue digging around regarding PT. 

Later, Mrs. S and Sarah hit up a swanky bar in an equally swanky hotel. After sharing a few drinks, the duo pinpoints their target: A professor of Psychology named Elizabeth Perkins (not to be confused with the actress). After discovering that Perkins is in the throes of a fallout with her daughter, our dynamic duo stages an argument that ends in Sarah storming out, but not before she snags Perkins’ ID/wallet. Meanwhile, Mrs. S chats up Perkins as they swap sentiments regarding their offspring. Sarah is so crafty!

Next, we see Cosima performing a check up on Charlotte, who appears to be in better health than before. Charlotte divulges her little woodsy adventure. Cosima is intrigued, so she confronts Mud, hoping to get the truth. Unfortunately, Mud remains tight lipped and says that she can’t tell Cosima what’s really lurking in the forest. Secrets don’t make friends, Mud!

Meanwhile, Sarah absorbs all the information she gleaned from Perkins’ ID, and surreptitiously returns it to its owner. Mrs. S says her goodbyes to her temporary friend and our duo is on to bigger and potentially more dangerous things. 

Later, we see Kira and Felix arrive at the latter’s flat. Time for some uncle/niece bonding! Felix sketches Kira and chats her up about what happened earlier that day. He also reminds Kira that Rachel can’t be trusted, no matter how nice she seems. Sad, but true. She may be on Orphan Black, but she’s not in the Sestra Club. 

Then, we see Mrs. S and Sarah on the road. Mrs. S has a plan up her sleeve: she’s going to pose as Elizabeth Perkins while Sarah will moonlight as her assistant. They’re going to visit a mental hospital to meet Mrs. S’s contact. Sarah is irritated at Mrs. S for continuously keeping secrets from her. But when has she ever fully opened the flood gates with anyone? Siobhan Sadler is not an open book. Sarah agrees to the plan, but they have to make a pit stop first. 

Meanwhile, Susan and Ira have a heart to heart about PT’s plans for the former. Ira appears to be jealous, but Susan assures him he has nothing to be jealous about. She reveals a tidbit of backstory for the Castor clone – back in the day the team consisted of her, PT and another scientist. This other scientist had a crude way of going about things – almost cruel. Ultimately, PT chose this scientist’s methods over Susan’s. She tells Ira that she wants the same things as the Neolution creator, but their means of obtaining their goals are vastly different. 

Next, Sarah and Mrs. S arrive at a convent. While Mrs. S prepares to transform into Perkins, Sarah pays none other than Helena a sestra-ly visit. Ah, Helena. I’ve missed her so much. Helena senses a disturbance in The Sarah Force. The twins discuss Kira’s ability to feel all of the sestras, as well as Helena instinctively sharing Sarah’s feelings at any given time. Sarah issues an apology regarding her initial behavior, how she tried to ignore Helena. Aw, I love these little moments. I’m going to miss Orphan Black so much!

Sestra love is pure love.

Meanwhile, we see Felix tuck a tuckered out Kira into bed. Suddenly, he hears a knock on his door and discovers Adele (Lauren Hammersley) on the other side of said door. She tells Felix that Mrs. S brought her up to speed on the Clone Club drama. His mother also has a job for the pair of them – traveling to Switzerland to investigate multiple funds that are tied to PT Westmorland. Turns out Adele is actually an embezzler. Fun times! 

Later, Cosima follows Mud into PT’s manor to snoop around. Our science-y sestra doesn’t mess around. 

Follow the science, Cosima!

Then, Mrs. S returns to the convent looking like a carbon copy of Elizabeth Perkins (again, not the actress). She gives Sarah a shirt to change into and they drive to the mental hospital. Mrs. S even tries on a Canadian accent for size. We learn the real Perkins was actually meeting with a doctor at the hospital to talk mental trauma for her book. Mrs. S clings to that bit of information and dives in. They meet with the receptionist (Varun Saranga), who I immediately recognized as Jeremy from Wynonna Earp. That guy gets around. Anyway, after Mrs. S pretends to forget that her appointment was the following day and not that night, the receptionist pulls some strings and grants our duo visitor passes. 


Now, the pair finally meets Mrs. S’s intended target – none other than Dr. Virginia Coady (Kyra Harper). That was definitely an unexpected twist. We see she’s heavily drugged, so Mrs. S gives her a heaping dose of adrenaline, and Coady comes to. Mrs. S begins grilling her about PT Westmorland. Coady reveals that Susan Duncan put her in that hospital after Castor’s fall. She also begins sharing her connection with Susan, and simultaneously we see Cosima begin searching the basement of PT’s manor. Coady informs them that she was embarking on a new cloning quest with Susan and PT prior to the discovery of Kendall. They found a “perfect specimen” and began testing him. He was basically the guinea pig, and as multiple tumors formed and physical deformities took over, he transformed into a monster. Coady wanted to keep running tests. 

Pictured: Kyra Harper

Meanwhile, we see a small cubicle of a room in PT’s basement, with a cot and minimal amenities. Blood smears the walls and a singular wrist manacle hangs from said wall. Cosima looks horrified. However, Mud finds her roaming about and immediately pushes her out the exit, saying he (PT) will find her. So many secrets!

Later, Cosima follows Mud into the woods. Mud is carrying clothing and she places it on the ground. She appears to be bowing in subservience to someone. Cosima sees a large figure move closer to Mud. He is deformed and merely grunts in response to Mud. Then, he growls, feral, and lunges for the items Mud left him. Could this be what attacked Sarah in the woods? He’s also the first cloning specimen Coady was referring to. 

Then, the doctor Elizabeth Perkins was supposed to meet with finds Mrs. S and Sarah speaking with Coady. Just as he’s about the usher them out Coady lunges for Sarah and starts strangling her. A swarm of nurses attempt to keep Coady at bay. Finally, they pull her off of Sarah, and our heroes scurry away. 

Pictured (L to R): Tatiana Maslany, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Kyra Harper

Meanwhile, Susan tells Ira about Coady, and how PT believes she’s dead. Susan locked Coady up for the good of Neolution. “She’s a liability,” Susan states. Ah, the ol’ “good scientist bad scientist” shtick. Let’s hope PT doesn’t find out that his favorite scientist is alive and…alive.

Later, Sarah, Mrs. S, Adele and Felix are drinking and sharing in the Clone Club drama. Sarah reminds Felix that they have to trust in Mrs. S completely moving forward. I couldn’t agree more. So, Felix is officially heading to Switzerland with Adele. “Follow the money,” his biological sister says. Time for a Swiss vacation!

Meanwhile, PT and Susan are drinking to the future. Susan is now fully on board, ready to take on whatever the 170-some year old guy throws at her. Even though Rachel is in charge, Susan will be granted full access to any and all files, specifically ones related to “Kira’s anomaly.” She can science it all up – just, you know, under the heel of her daughter. This should be interesting!

A toast to the future.

Orphan Black is so adept at throwing curve balls. I didn’t expect to see Coady! However, it’s The Final Trip, so we should expect to see quite a few familiar faces pop up. I dug the backstory we received regarding the Trifecta – Coady, Susan and PT. Orphan Black is like a beautiful onion: the layers and layers are continuous and always surprising. My favorite moment was, hands down, the conversation between Helena and Sarah. Sarah finally apologizing to her twin sestra and allowing the full force of the sestra love in was beautifully heartbreaking. Perhaps we’ll get another Sarah/Helena moment before the season ends. 

Who do you think we’ll see next (I hope Cal!)? Will Cosima attempt to reach out to the first specimen herself? What exactly is PT’s end game? Where in the world is Krystal? How does Rachel plan to use Kira? Guess we’ll find out soon! 


Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate. 



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