Welcome back, Sestras and Brother Sestras! Orphan Black shone the spotlight on Alison this week, as we delved into our favorite homemaking clone’s world. While this wasn’t a plot-centric episode, we did get a heapin’ dose of character development regarding the Hendrixes. Alison hallucinated the dearly departed Aynsley, wracked with immense guilt over her passing. Donnie doned a kilt and doffed his best Highlander moves, which ended in an accidental tea poisoning. Detective Enger and Art discovered the decapitated remains of Dr. Leekie in Alison’s garage. Helena got herself to a nunnery? Yes, it would seem our sestra is hiding among women of faith. And, once again, Tatiana Maslany slays me with her god-like acting skills. Alison is my favorite clone (tied with Helena) and Maslany made me love her more. 

Shall we march onward into the fray, Clone Club? Friendly reminder that spoilers reek with a similar pungency as Dr. Leekie’s deteriorating head, so do proceed with caution. 

We open with a flashback: Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) are hosting a dinner party with Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska) and Chad (Eric Johnson). All is well with the quartet – they exchange quips about Alison’s stellar cheesecake. We see Alison is in the very early stages of her interactions with Beth. Our dearly departed clone proposes that Alison meets another very familiar face. Unfortunately, Alison wants nothing to do with the “c” word. I meant “clones,” you silly geese.

Later, Aynsley and Chad make a proposition with the Hendrixes. What’s one thing that brings a quartet of friends closer together? Why, psychedelic drugs, of course. Donnie declines, claiming they only stick to alcohol. Alison decides to throw caution to the winds and joins the Norris duo in their drug meddling. Meanwhile, Cosima sits outside the Casa de Hendrix, on the phone with Beth. The latter is convinced that Alison needs to see another sestra in the flesh. Cosima is reticent to “drop a bomb in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting.” Love that line. However, our science girl takes the plunge anyway. 

Pictured: Natalie Lisinska and Eric Johnson

Now, fast forward to present day. Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moodie) is interrogating the Hendrixes regarding Helena’s whereabouts. Both claim ignorance. After all, Helena is her own clone, perfectly capable of defending herself. Then, Mr. Frontenac essentially lists the Clone Club in order of importance, throwing Alison in the last place slot. Don’t you dare insult my Alison. She’ll macrame you to Hell.

Meanwhile, we get another glimpse into Alison’s psychedelic flashback. Alison is struggling in Trippy Land, while the Norris duo seems to be enjoying themselves. Donnie is the Designated Drug-less Driver? I’ll think of something better. Anyway, Alison steps outside and meets Cosima for the first time. Of course, she’s tripping hard at this point. Seeing someone who looks identical to you doesn’t help, either. Utterly spooked, Alison ducks back inside.

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Later, we fast forward to the present day. Our Clone Club is holding a funeral service for the dearly departed MK. Sarah, Mrs. S. (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Kira (Skyler Wexler) are gathered round a small altar devoted to MK. Meanwhile, Alison and Donnie are video calling the group on Sarah’s laptop. We see Alison is sobbing, wracked with guilt. She feels she should’ve acted as a decoy. Sarah brushes off the thought, reminding Alison they’re all being watched. 

Then, Sarah tries to console Kira, but the latter avoids her. Mrs. S. makes the executive decision to take Kira to see Rachel. She instructs Sarah and Felix to stay in Felix’s apartment and lay low for a while. You know as well as I do that they won’t heed her instructions.  


Meanwhile, Donnie tries to persuade a glum Alison to participate in their community’s Fall Fun Fair. Donnie performs his Highland dance and they belt out a rousing duet. Alison seems none too thrilled at the idea. She spots a bottle of pills, a blast from the past. Alison discreetly pockets said bottle, unbeknownst to Donnie. Suddenly, Alison’s attitude changes. She decides to drop by the church to see how the fair is faring. 

Later, Alison runs into Nona Walker (Jayne Eastwood), who’s large and in charge this year. Alison tries to insert herself into the equation but is immediately cast aside by Nona. Feeling dejected, she sits alone in the church sanctuary. We see her pop a couple pills from her purse. Then, she dumps the rest of the bottle into a container of iced tea. Hmm. What are you up to, Alison?

Pictured: Jayne Eastwood

Then, Alison approaches Nona and apologizes for her behavior. She offers her bottle of tea as a token of peace. Ah, you sly girl. Nona might get more than a bit of refreshment from that iced tea. Reverend Mike (Ryan Blakely) witnesses the two breaking bread and commends the women for it. Alison quickly snatches back the tea bottle, feeling guilty for trying to sabotage Nona. 

Later, Donnie is greeted by Art (Kevin Hanchard) and Detective Enger (Elyse Levesque) when they show up to search the Hendrix home. Apparently, the search warrant is not for Donnie’s previous drug charge, but for the murder of Ponchy’s crew from last season. All the while, Donnie is clad in a kilt for his Fall Fun Fair performance. Kilt Donnie can stay. Donnie reluctantly allows them inside. 

Meanwhile, Alison runs into Chad and his children. Chad appears much older, less clean cut than he used to be. He wonders if their affair led to Aynsley’s death. Alison tries to tell him the truth, that she’s responsible, but he brushes her off. 

Then, we flash back to Alison’s bad trip to Drug Land. She’s sitting in the bathroom, marveling at her face. Alison wonders how she ended up with that face. Remember that Donnie is still Alison’s monitor at this point. He tries to comfort her by reminding her she’s on drugs, and the high will wear off soon. Aynsley convinces Alison to venture outside with her to take in Mother Nature. 

Pictured: Kristian Bruun and Tatiana Maslany

Alright, flash forward: Neo police are searching the Hendrix home. Art questions whether Donnie is hiding something. Donnie merely tells him to keep Enger out of the garage. Uh oh. There are a few dead things hiding in there. 

Later, Kira is spending quality Dyad time with Auntie Rachel. Rachel surprises Kira with a gift – a cute little mouse to play with. Kira instantly warms to her new companion. Kira tells Rachel that she’s been warned multiple times not to trust our favorite duplicitous clone. While Kira doesn’t outright confide her trust, it’s implied she’s beginning to like Rachel. That darn Auntie Rachel and her presents. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Meanwhile, Fe revisit his first love: painting in the nude while listening to operettas on loop. He dubs Sarah his latest muse, in an effort to keep his sister out of trouble. Sarah is not about the sitting still part, but she relents anyway. 

Later, Alison runs into Ramone (Alex Ozerov), who now works in the party equipment industry. However, he still dabbles in drug paraphernalia. Alison demands he pay the money he stiffed them. Ramone claims he didn’t double cross the Hendrixes. As a peace offering, he shares his alcohol stash with Alison and gives her a few hits of weed. 

Then, a blast from the past. Alison and Aynsley are lying on the ground, gazing at the vast starry sky. Contemplating life’s meaning and their existence. Alison wonders whether she was meant to live her life, or if other options await her. Aynsley admits to wanting to drive away and see what else life has to offer her. We see the wheels turning in Alison’s head. Remember, she just met Cosima at this point. 

Later, present day, Alison is fully immersed in Bouncy House Land. Donnie catches her, and she admits to smoking with Ramone. Her husband pulls her away and tells her Art and co. are searching their house. The Neo police could find Dr. Leekie’s rotting corpse or the Castor clone Helena killed. Alison lets slip that Leekie is on Donnie. Donnie retorts that Aynsley died because of her. Alison storms off. 

Then, Art catches Enger sneaking into the garage, the place Donnie expressly told him not to go. Enger believes something fishy is afoot. She believes Helena is responsible, but in order for Donnie to disclose her whereabouts Enger thinks they must falsely accuse Alison. Sneaky, indeed. Suddenly, Enger notices the discoloration in the concrete where Leekie is buried. She then takes a power drill and begins digging. This won’t end well. 

Meanwhile, Donnie interrupts Felix and Sarah’s art class to bring them up to speed on Alison’s mental state and their Neo friends. Felix figuratively spits on Mrs. S’s rule about not leaving, claiming they must help their sestra. Donnie finds Alison’s iced tea and downs it. No, Donnie, no! 

Speaking of which, Mrs. S. tries to get Kira to talk about her meeting with Rachel. Kira refuses, and instead is transfixed on the fact that Sarah isn’t home. Mrs. S. decides to leave the little girl be. Kira pulls out a pocket knife and holds it up to her face. Kira, no! Just, no. 

Pictured: Skyler Wexler and Maria Doyle Kennedy

Later, Chad finds Alison sitting alone at the fair. He sees she’s upset. Alison tries once again to confess the truth about Aynsley to Chad, but he won’t hear it. He reminds Alison that Aynsley loved her and considered her to be a best friend. Alison breaks down and Chad hugs her tightly, telling her that Aynsley would want them to move on. We see a renewed light shine in Alison’s eyes. 

Then, Donnie puts on the performance of a lifetime, bringing the Highlands to his little community. I just love Donnie so much. Light of my life. Anyway, Felix arrives just in the nick of time to witness the glory. Alison watches from backstage. Unfortunately, all is not well. Remember that drug/iced tea cocktail? It’s kicking in for our dear Donnie. He collapses on stage, but not without mooning the community with his Highland. Thankfully, Felix and Alison come to his rescue. 

Pictured: Kristian Bruun

Meanwhile, Nona mutters a comment about Donnie being an alcoholic like Alison. Alison overhears this and snaps. She goes on a speech about all of them being hypocrites, of judging her too harshly when they have their own demons to contend with. Hear, hear! My girl Alison is the best speech maker around. Afterwards, the duo drags an unconscious Donnie away. 

Later, Enger and Art are still digging away in the garage. Art spots Sarah outside and makes an excuse about needing to pee so he can leave. Sarah reveals that Leekie is buried in there, and he must prevent Rachel from discovering this. 

Meanwhile, a now conscious Donnie is vomiting unceremoniously into a bucket while Alison and Felix talk to Sarah on the phone. She informs them of Art and Enger’s garage expedition. Donnie murmurs about turning himself in. Alison has another plan brewing and prepares to set it in motion. 

Pictured (L to R): Tatiana Maslany, Kristian Bruun, Jordan Gavaris

Later, Enger finally discovers Leekie’s headless and rapidly decaying corpse. Jackpot! Then, we see Alison visit Rachel. This is the first time these two have ever shared a scene together, and I’m digging (heehee) it. Alison brings Leekie’s head, preserved for science, in a bag. She tells Rachel that Donnie accidentally killed him. Rachel then tells Alison that she can make it all disappear if they disclose Helena’s whereabouts. Alison claims ignorance once again. She demands Rachel calls off her Neo friends, and gets them out of her garage. Rachel reluctantly throws Enger off the scent. Alison and Rachel both admit their dislike of each other, while Alison points out their similarities. They are sestras, after all. 

While Rachel calls Enger directly, we see Art standing behind a crouched Enger, pointing a gun at her head. Once Enger agrees to lay off the case, however, Art lowers his gun in relief. Art truly is a good man. 

Later, Donnie brings Alison a cup of coffee as they curl up on the couch together. Donnie revels in their victory, thanks to Alison going toe-to-toe with Rachel Duncan. Alison confesses that she longs to “go away” for a while. She’s not leaving Donnie, but just wants to go on a retreat of sorts. Donnie, while obviously sad, accepts his wife’s wishes. Alison unveils a beautiful mandolin, which he promptly plays to the tune of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” The duo sings their duet together, and I bawl my eyes out until I have no tears left. Orphan Black likes to steal my tears.

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun

Meanwhile, we see Helena sitting on a bed while a nun presumably prays over her. Helena seems oblivious, scribbling in a notebook with intense, Helena-like concentration. Where in the world is Helena?


This episode was so beautifully melancholic. Alison’s journey was incredible, and I’m excited to see how she continues to progress over the course of the season. She (for the most part) overcame her guilt for Aynsley, which is something she’s held on to for multiple seasons. I’m so giddy with how the final season is faring thus far. I don’t want this trip to end. Alas, all good things must, though. Even Orphan Black. Until next time, friends. 


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