Welcome back, Clone Club! I hope you all stocked up on tissues before watching this week’s Orphan Black. Our sestras not only brought the tears, but an ample amount of suspense as well. Of course, I would expect nothing less from The Final Trip. Cosima meets the creator of Neolution himself, P.T. Westmoreland. You know, the dude who knew Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Helena discovers she has magical babies, just like her sestra Sarah. Speaking of which, Sarah rebels against the Rachel Regime as only Sarah can, while Kira is surprisingly compliant. MK reunites with Sarah under unhappy circumstances. Ferdinand takes out his frustration with heartbreaking results. Well, I’m ready to jump right in! Friendly reminder that spoilers have eyeballs everywhere just like Rachel, so do be careful.

We open with a dream sequence: Kira (Skyler Wexler) is trying to rouse Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) from her sleep. Mrs. S. (Maria Doyle Kennedy) also comes into view, on Team Kira. Suddenly, we see Sarah jolt upright, snapping back into reality. She discovers she’s in a very small, familiar dark room with a large screen. Back at Dyad, baby! 

Meanwhile, as Sarah processes the familiar surroundings, Ferdinand (James Frain) appears. He informs Sarah that Rachel wishes to “parlay.” Well, Detective Enger did say in the previous episode that the Neolutionists wanted to forge a truce. Ferdinand shows a live stream of Alison and Art (Kevin Hanchard), with the former saying that she’s unharmed. In fact, the “nice” Neos brought her home and she’s back to her “busy schedule.” Hmm. Sounds fishy. Cosima also calls in from the Island. She tells Sarah that Rachel helped her administer the cure. If said cure works, she’ll give all the Leda clones a dose of it. Basically, Rachel is one of the good guys now. Of course, Sarah isn’t buying what she’s selling. 

Then, we see footage of Kira drawing. Ferdinand dangles the carrot a bit closer – Rachel wants to reunite Sarah with her family. Go home, live a normal life. Isn’t that what Sarah truly wants? 

Later, Ferdinand takes Sarah upstairs to meet with Rachel, whose newfound desire to make peace is also accompanied with a desire to meditate. Wow, P.T. Westmoreland did a number on our clone we love to hate. Rachel informs Sarah that Kira is now enrolled in school. After fixing up a nice cuppa for Sarah, she drops the bomb of wanting to regularly study Kira. Of course, Sarah immediately resists, refusing to submit her daughter to the hands of Dyad. Rachel still believes Kira will play a part in saving the clones – her physiology alone is a miracle. 

Then, Kira and Mrs. S. are led inside. Sarah happily hugs her daughter. We learn that Mrs. S. and Kira are both aboard the Rachel boat. Sarah is now the deciding factor. Auntie Rachel is quite the manipulator, y’all.

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Meanwhile, Alison has been repeatedly attempting to call Donnie, who is MIA. Art and Detective Enger (Elyse Levesque) are with her. When Alison receives a message regarding her church, she tries to leave, to stop the “church insurrection.” Oh, Alison. Never change. Enger and Art prevent her from leaving, saying they must wait until Donnie comes home. They assume he is with Helena. Speaking of which…

Helena wakes up in a hospital bed, with Donnie (Kristian Bruun) by her side. A nurse arrives on the scene and prepares to do an ultrasound. Probably for the best, since Helena was stabbed in the stomach by a tree branch. Helena initially resists, her usual instincts kicking in. However, Donnie soothes our favorite sestra and allows the nurse to work her magic. 

Later, back on the Island, Cosima and Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) sit down to a nice lunch of…seaweed. Yummy! Makes sense, it being an island and all. Cosima recognizes the little girl Aisha (Sirena Gulamgaus) that Delphine worked with in the previous episode. She pulls up her files, scrutinizing every detail. Charlotte informs her that Aisha also came to the Island to be healed. Cosima asks Charlotte to organize a meeting with her. 

Meanwhile, Sarah and co. arrives home to Felix (Jordan Gavaris), and a happy reunion is had by all. Ferdinand emphasizes that Rachel will pick Kira up from school, as per their agreement. Rachel was apparently given joint custody of her. After he leaves, Mrs. S. drops the charade of being Team Rachel. She begins to devise a plan along with Felix and Sarah to snatch Kira from Rachel. Mrs. S. tells Sarah that she must escort Kira to school, as if nothing is wrong. 

Pictured: James Frain


Then, we see Sarah walk Kira to school, limping on crutches along the way. One of Rachel’s men trails behind them. Kira enthusiastically tells her mom about the advice Uncle Felix gave her for her first day of school, and you almost forget this is an intense sci-fi thriller about clones. Aw, they grow up so fast!

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and Skyler Wexler

Meanwhile, back at the comic shop, Felix tells Scott (Josh Vokey), Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) and Ira (Ari Millen) about his secret weapon. He has located the elusive clone MK. However, she’s much closer than Felix thinks. He discovers that our sneaky clone is in his apartment, of all places. Before leaving, Felix tells Ira that he must go back to the Island to Susan. But, Ira can’t profess his loyalty to Rachel – he has to go against her. Also, Scott gives Felix newly upgraded Clone Phones: 5.0. They’re sleek and red. Yay for new Clone Phones!

Later, Dr. Slaight (Glenda Braganza) arrives to speak with Helena at the hospital. She’s a neonatal doctor, which understandably puts Helena on high alert (key word being “neo”). Dr. Slaight studies the ultrasound and orders a CAT scan, but reassures the Hendrixes not to be alarmed. Then, Donnie pulls the good doctor aside and asks her what’s really going on. Turns out, Helena’s twins are now injury free. It’s as if the tree branch inflicted no damage. Magical healing wonder twins! 

Meanwhile, Cosima meets Aisha and questions her about the kind of cancer she has. Then, The Messenger (Geza Kovacs) enters and whisks Cosima away to meet the man himself – P.T. Westmoreland. 

Later, Sarah and Mrs. S. receive an unexpected video call from MK, who’s in Felix’s loft. MK reveals she’s sick, burdened with the same illness that’s killing the clones. She also informs the gang that Rachel plans to restart human cloning, putting Dyad back on the map again. Not on our watch! MK, being a wellspring of information, vows to whisk Sarah and Kira away as long as the gang can pry Kira out of Rachel’s clutches. MK is an expert hider, after all. Sarah reminds her sestra that she’s one of them, and Sarah will take care of her. Aw, I love it when the sestras unite as one. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany (wearing a sheep’s mask, of course)

Meanwhile, Mud (Jenessa Grant) escorts Cosima to meet Westmoreland, the former vowing to wait outside until the meeting is adjourned. Cosima wanders inside. We hear music emanating from a gramophone. An interior furnished with antiquities from before the 20th century. While Cosima studies an old photo of P.T. Westmoreland with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Neolution (Stephen McHattie) quietly enters the room. The duo sits and drinks. Westmoreland is full of metaphors and little anecdotes, as one would be if they were 170 years old. He appears very sharp in his extremely old age.

Westmoreland shows Cosima her file, which charts her progress with the cure. It appears to be working, which puts a spring in Cosima’s step. Yay, I hope it actually works. I need all my sestras to live! Westmoreland also asks Cosima if she would be willing to continue her work, to “follow the science.” Cosima initially declines, but it appears the creator’s charm might be working. Follow the science, girl!

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany…again

Later, Ferdinand and Rachel are having an intimate moment. Well, they’re sitting on the floor pressed against each other half naked, so I guess that counts as intimate. Ferdinand longs for Rachel to slap him, but our girl is having none of it. Rachel is all about peace now. Ferdinand begins to leave in a huff. Rachel reminds him that he can still be involved in her plans if he wishes to be. But without the dominatrix slapping, of course. 

Meanwhile, Helena is plotting her escape from the hospital. Donnie tries to convince her to stay, that she’s not healthy enough to leave. Dr. Slaight returns, with a police officer in tow. He wishes to speak with Donnie regarding Helena’s “accident.” Dr. Slaight prepares a needle to withdraw amniotic fluid from Helena’s bump.

Later, Sarah prepares to kidnap her daughter. She makes Felix and Mrs. S. promise that after she leaves with Kira MK will be safe. Felix assures her that MK will meet with Scott at the lab. Suddenly, an image, courtesy of MK appears on the laptop. Ferdinand and Rachel are en route to the school to pick up Kira. We see the Dyad duo wait outside, and Rachel ponders on whether this is how normal parents behave, waiting for their children. Interesting little moment there. 

Meanwhile, Kira is hard at work in class. She’s even showing a girl how to multiply, making her the MVP of the classroom. Then, we see Rachel appear to scoop up Kira. Well, we think it’s Rachel. Surprise…it’s Sarah! She’s dressed head to foot like her fellow sestra. Sarah hurriedly ushers Kira down the hallway. 

Later, the real Rachel shows up at the classroom, confused as to why Kira isn’t there. The teacher, also bewildered, asks her if she misplaced Kira. Suddenly, it all clicks for Rachel. 

Meanwhile, Rachel’s lackey spots the faux Rachel with Kira. Fortunately, he is held up by a teacher so the duo can escape. Then, Mrs. S. and Felix are seen taking Kira outside, while Sarah vows to drive back to Felix’s loft to pick up MK. 

Helena is officially in survival mode now. She jerks the needle away from the doctor. Helena punctures Dr. Slaight’s face with said needle, pinning her to the hospital bed. We see the needle has pierced her cheek, through her tongue and the other side of her face. Helena doesn’t mess around. You don’t touch her babies. As Helena escapes, a slew of doctors and the police officer rush into the sestra’s room to find poor Dr. Slaight. Donnie, knowing Helena was behind this, quietly slips away so as not to seem suspicious. 

Meanwhile, Sarah arrives at Felix’s loft, already on the phone with MK. MK is refusing to go with Sarah, insisting she’s tired of running. Suddenly, Ferdinand is on Sarah’s tail and she finds a hiding spot. Sarah, thankfully, is able to surreptitiously sneak upstairs. She reunites with MK, who’s still refusing to run away with her. Instead, MK instructs Sarah to switch clothes with her so Sarah can escape. As they switch ensembles, they say their goodbyes. Yes, this appears to be the last time these two will be together. I hate goodbyes.

Ferdinand is banging on the door as this scene unfolds. After Sarah escapes he finally breaks the door down. Ferdinand seems to think it’s Sarah dressed as Rachel, but after pinning her to the ground he realizes it’s MK. Poor MK is coughing from Ferdinand’s blow. 

Meanwhile, Sarah reunites with Mrs. S, Felix ans Kira (lots of reunions on this show). Kira asks about MK, feeling a disturbance in the Clone Force (always have to throw in a Star Wars reference when I can). Sarah fibs and assures her daughter that MK is fine. Sarah attempts to usher Kira into a van, but, surprisingly, she refuses. Kira wishes to stay where they are. 

Then, we see Ferdinand utterly lose control on MK, simultaneously venting about Rachel controlling him and lashing out at MK. He claims he can finally finish the job that Helsinki started. He clambers to his feet and begins violently jumping on MK’s chest. She gasps for breath. He does this a few more times, until MK draws her last breath. We see her lying motionless, blood pouring from her mouth and nose. No! I don’t like that at all. MK was one of the good ones! Ferdinand is officially on my s**t list. 

Meanwhile, Kira comes to the realization that MK is dead. Sarah tries to comfort her, saying she doesn’t know for sure, but we all know how strongly Kira is connected to the Leda clones. A struggle ensues between mother and daughter. Kira longs to stay, to find out why she’s “like this.” She also wishes to continue her schooling. Mrs. S. and Felix reluctantly side with Kira, leaving Sarah with no choice but to wave the white flag for now. 

Later, Ferdinand visits a somber Rachel. She is irritated that he deliberately disobeyed her orders. Ferdinand insists that everything he did was for her. She orders him escorted off the premises, and MK’s body disposed of. 

Then, we see Rachel arrive to pick up Kira for her first day of Dyad testing. Ira accompanies her, but his path will take him back to the Island with his beloved Susan. Sarah watches with a pained expression as Kira happily trots off with Auntie Rachel. Man, this is like some bloody, brutal custody battle, where Auntie Rachel gets her on the weekends and for holidays. 

Pictured: Maria Doyle Kennedy

Later, we hear a knock at the door. Mrs. S. rises up to answer, but not without brandishing her loaded gun, you know, just in case. She finds Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) on the other side of the door. Delphine insists that nobody can know they’re talking, not even Sarah. She has a proposition for Mrs. S…but we won’t find out till next week, as the episode goes black. 

Pictured: Evelyne Brochu


Guys, this episode left me heartbroken. Utterly destroyed. I was hoping for little to no Leda clone deaths, but this is the final season and Orphan Black, for that matter. They will rip our beating hearts from our chests, one last time. Do you think Ferdinand will retaliate against Rachel? What proposition does Delphine have for Mr. S? Can Sarah rescue Kira from Rachel’s well manicured clutches? Will P.T. Westmoreland provide us with more answers, as hopefully Cosima will be cured? Where in the world is Scott’s cat? I have too many questions! 


Orphan Black continues The Final Trip Saturdays at 10pm on your BBC America affiliate.