Welcome, Sestras and Brother Sestras! Orphan Black made its triumphant, albeit bittersweet, return for The Final Trip. Boy, are things off to a cracking start! More information came to light on the camp Cosima was brought to, simply known as Revival. Revival is the beating heart of Neolution, with P.T. Westmoreland himself living above the encampment. Rachel has an eye-opening (heehee) encounter with the ancient Neolutionist (170 some years old!), which appears to transform our favorite sestra we love to hate. Sarah fights with every fiber of her being to get to Cosima, battling the elements of the woods on her way. Alison gets kidnapped…again. Art gains a new partner who’s not as ignorant of the clones as she seems.

Basically, s**t went down, which is the status quo for Orphan Black. Time to fall down the rabbit hole, Clone Club! Friendly reminder that spoilers run rampant like the things chasing Sarah in the woods, so tread with caution.

We open with a wounded Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) hobbling down the beach on the outskirts of the Island. She just received the devastating news from Ferdinand that Mrs S. and Kira were kidnapped. Sarah rifles for her dying phone and calls Felix (Jordan Gavaris). Our boy Fe is with Ira (Ari Millen) in his apartment. Sarah explains to him that Mrs S. and Kira were taken by Ferdinand, and asks him to check the safe house for evidence of said kidnapping. She also has Fe drill Ira with questions regarding the Island’s layout. Ira informs Sarah that there is a boathouse near a village. Unfortunately, that’s about the extent of his knowledge. 

Pictured: Jordan Gavaris

Meanwhile, Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) walks up a set of stairs leading to an elegant house. She’s about to meet the creator of Neolution himself, P.T. Westmoreland. A look of peace washes over her face. Rachel is ready. 

Later, we see Sarah start a small fire in the woods, using Kira’s photo as kindling. Aw, poor Monkey. She uses a tampon to staunch the bleeding from the stab wound on her leg, and ties a tourniquet with the ripped sleeve from her shirt. My girl Sarah is all kinds of resourceful. Suddenly, after dosing off, she’s attacked by a mysterious figure emitting animal like growling noises. Some kind of non-human creature? Regardless, its face is shrouded by darkness. They roll around for a beat, struggling to gain control. Sarah grabs a rock and smacks it against its head. Finally, the creature relents and runs away. What the what, guys? 

Meanwhile, Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) wakes up in a yurt, a breathing tube under her nose and wires strewn about. She tries to leave but the door is locked. This is an incredibly high-tech yurt. Anyway, she rummages through her backpack and realizes the cure is missing! Uh oh. Cosima finds a note from Delphine, which seems to hint that the latter knows where the cure is. 

Then, a woman enters the yurt to greet Cosima. Her name is Mud (Jenessa Grant), and she reveals that the camp is called Revival. Revival is not only off the grid, but they’re totally self-sustaining in just about every thinkable way. Mud acts as a guide for Cosima. Although Cosima really wants to find Delphine, Mud assures her that Miss Cormier is working in the village clinic. Mud enthusiastically shows Cosima around Revival, and explains that P.T. Westmoreland himself lives above the encampment. He’s currently enjoying the ripe age of 170 years old. So, Revival follows Westmoreland’s principles for living and strives to continue his research through Neolution. 

Meanwhile, the duo runs into Charlotte (Cynthia Galant), who’s devouring some prime Revival children’s literature. They muse on whether Susan is alive, and Mud chimes in that she’s heard Susan is still in the Land of the Living. She explains that Susan and P.T. go “way back.” Well, when you live to be 170, I’m sure you meet a handful of like minded individuals along the way. 

Later, Felix goes snooping through the safe house, observing for any clues that could lead him to Mrs S. and Kira. He runs into Art (Kevin Hanchard), who’s also snooping for clues. Aw, great minds think alike! Art promises Felix that they’ll find the missing pair. He instructs Felix to call Alison and tell her to stay with Helena. 

Meanwhile, we see Felix is on the phone with Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun). They are huddled together in Helena’s woodsy paradise. Felix fills Alison in on the current situation: the kidnapping, Sarah being stranded on the Island, Cosima’s MIA status. Alison doesn’t like forging ahead without a plan, or sitting things out for that matter. Oh, Alison, forever the planner. She tells Donnie to pack because, poop on a stoop, they’re going to help the sestras out. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun

Later, Art is introduced to his new partner Detective Enger (Elyse Levesque) at the precinct. We see that Art isn’t exactly thrilled to be working in tandem with someone new, especially since the precinct is running rampant with “Neos.” 

Meanwhile, Sarah catches a glimpse of the boathouse. Unfortunately, people are strolling about with firearms and are apparently searching for her. They’ve been tasked with the assignment of returning her to Revival to be with Cosima. 

Later, Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) is having an appointment with a little girl and her mother. It appears the girl is sick, and has traveled to Revival for treatment. After said appointment concludes, we see Delphine pull out the case containing the cure and stash it away in a fridge. Yay, it wasn’t stolen after all! Then, the man known only as The Messenger (Geza Kovacs) appears and informs Delphine that “he” wants to see her. “He” meaning P.T. Westmoreland, I assume. 

Meanwhile, Fe and Ira pay Scott (Josh Vokey) a visit in the basement of Rabbit Hole Comics (see, I told you we’d be going down the rabbit hole!). Scott is able to pull up a map of the Island and pinpoint where the boathouse could potentially be located. Aw, he’s so helpful. Then, Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) reveals his masterful plan to lure MK through the wonderful world of online gaming to help them gain access to the Island. See, gaming really does save lives! Fe then leaves to retrieve Kira’s laptop from the safe house, leaving Ira in the care of the basement boys. Let the fun begin!

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Later, we see Art and Enger outside city limits, engaging in genuine precinct partner bonding time. Enger reveals she is a Neolutionist, and grills Art on his relationships with the clones. Art feigns ignorance, while Enger also reveals they will stop at nothing to contain all the clones. Uh oh. Methinks this partner won’t last long. 

Meanwhile, Donnie and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) practice their forest signals. Or, um, woodsy Morse Code. I’ll come up with a better name for it. Anyway, the Hendrixes packed up their items as well as Helena’s and have every intention of leaving. Unfortunately, a couple Neolution lackeys barge in and spoil the party. They throw a black sack over Alison’s head and cart her away, while Donnie hides and witnesses it all. He then runs away, presumably to find Helena. Don’t you dare hurt my Alison!

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

Then, Felix is once again in the safe house, preparing to scoop up the laptop when a mysterious man named Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moodie) sneaks up behind him. He works for Rachel. Mr. Frontenac informs Felix that Rachel has taken a “special interest” in his family. Felix, much to his chagrin, is forced to leave with Mr. Frontenac for unknown reasons besides Rachel’s involvement. 

Meanwhile, we see Art and Enger greet a disgruntled Alison in the back of a van. Enger reveals that Neolution as a whole (more specifically P.T. Westmoreland) wishes to forge a truce between them and the Leda clones. How fun! Enger grills Alison on Helena’s whereabouts. When Alison says she’s clueless on where Helena would run, Enger spices things up a bit by putting a gun to Art’s head. Alison still insists she’s ignorant. Thankfully, Enger doesn’t pull the trigger. She swore an oath not to harm the clones in any way, so she sets Alison free. 

Pictured: Cynthia Galant and Tatiana Maslany

Later, Cosima and Charlotte discuss the matter and nature of myths when Delphine bursts in with The Messenger in tow. The Messenger grants the lovebirds a few minutes to chat. Cosima asks why Delphine didn’t make contact with her after she was shot. Delphine reveals that she was forced to keep mum about, well, everything. She also begins singing the praises of Revival, saying that it’s the heart of Neolution and it could contain the answers they’re looking for. This is the next step in human evolution – Revival leads the charge in stem cell therapy, cloning, you name it. 

Unfortunately, The Messenger informs Delphine that it’s time for her to part ways with Cosima. She slips Cosima the key to the clinic so she can “follow the crazy science.” Delphine is going on a research trip to Sardinia. She also tells Cosima where the cure is located. Ugh, why must this show toy with my Cophine emotions? I need these two to be happy together at some point, please. Delphine and Cosima part ways for the time being. 

Pictured (L to R): Tatiana Maslany, Evelyne Brochu, Geza Kovacs

Meanwhile, Sarah is taking a lovely stroll through the woods, using a walking stick to help her get around. She sees dead animals strewn from a metal pole. Sarah also pinpoints the Revival men that are currently hot on her trail and begins to run as best she can. After some running she locates a hiding place and eavesdrops on the conversation the men are having. One of them asks about the strange animal carnage displays littered about the forest. They believe someone, or something is lurking in the woods, waiting to strike. Finally, they decide to abandon Sarah and allow nature to be punishment enough. 

Later, Cosima is chowing down on food when Mud drops by and offers her condolences on Delphine’s departure. Suddenly, a radio signal of some kind blares across the camp, stirring the villagers to the entrance to P.T. Westmoreland’s house. We see Rachel descend the staircase to thunderous applause. She delivers a moving speech about her encounter with the Neolutionist creator. Cosima watches in shock. Rachel promises that Revival will be the first to drink from the “Fountain.” I’m assuming this is a Fountain of Youth, the very same that’s sustained Westmoreland for 170 years. We also see Sarah has made it to Revival, and she too observes Rachel in utter shock.

Meanwhile, Donnie makes a break for his car when a Neolutionist lackey tries to prevent him from leaving. Suddenly, Helena springs from behind him and jumps on his shoulders. With both Donnie and Helena teaming up, they knock the man unconscious. Unfortunately, Helena’s adorable baby bump is not unscathed from the fight – we see a stick protruding from her stomach, bleeding profusely. Donnie tries to get Helena to stand so he can take her to the hospital. 

Pictured: Kristian Bruun

Later, Cosima escapes her yurt through the window while Mud lays sound asleep outside, presumably keeping watch over our science-y sestra. Cosima heads for the clinic. Once inside, she locates the cure, in the place Delphine said it was. Then, she gets a surprise visit from Sarah. Reunited and it feels so good! I’ve always loved Cosima and Sarah’s relationship, so seeing them together again even under tense circumstances warms the heart. Sarah, of course, is trying to convince Cosima to leave the Island with her. She can test the cure in a safe environment. However, Cosima has other plans. She feels her place is in Revival, studying not only the cure but getting the answers she so craves from the creator of Neolution. This could be what ultimately saves the sestras. 

Pictured: Tatiana Maslany

So, Sarah relents and decides to leave without Cosima, wishing her well and hoping she gets answers. Then, Cosima tries to administer a dose of the cure by herself, but is struggling with the needle. Rachel enters the clinic, much to Cosima’s surprise. More unexpected visits! Rachel, who once again appears to have turned a new leaf, offers to administer the cure for Cosima. She does just that, telling Cosima that they want the same things – to cure their entire line of the sickness. They could be the saviors. 

Later, Sarah reaches the boathouse. She is about to hop a boat and leave the Island in her wake when a man shows up. A dart flies into Sarah’s neck, knocking her to the ground. As Sarah looms in and out of consciousness she notices Rachel standing above her. “It’s a new day, Sarah,” she says, smiling. 


Guys, Orphan Black is back! This episode hit all the right notes for me. We learned more about Revival and Neolution as a whole, and their endgame. Even though our time with Cophine was short, we were still able to savor those brief moments with them. Will Cosima be cured of her sickness, once and for all? How will a potential truce play out between Neolutionists and the Leda clones? Will Helena make a full recovery, with her babies intact? Are we ever going to meet P.T. Westmoreland in the flesh? Will we get the Cophine wedding that we deserve? Also, someone please check on Scott’s cat. 

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So many questions, guys! Stick around Geek Girl Authority as I recap Orphan Black every week until The Final Trip draws to a close. Oh, and Tatiana Maslany is an acting goddess. But you already knew that. Until next time…

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