“No matter how dark it gets, there’s always good in the world.” ~Some Good News

The first episode of  John Krasinski’s Some Good News brought immense catharsis to viewers during this COVID-19 crisis. There was much joy with Krasinski’s dry and hilarious delivery, his low tech approach, his honesty about find goodness during this health crisis, his chat with a young teen named Coco who just finished her chemotherapy treatments, and his delightful interview with Steve Carrell that brought all The Office feels back. 

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Krasinski served up the second episode of Some Good News last night and it, once again, it brought a much-needed catharsis. In fact, I cried in the opening credits which turned out to not even be the opening credits and, when I saw the creativity in the real opening credits, I cried more! Krasinski once again shared good things happening in the world and showed how folks are staying positive and getting creative with the Coronavirus lockdown. From regular folks taking on the task of making masks for medical professionals, to families bonding together, to commiserating on home schooling (and wine), to showcasing how important teachers are, and to a wonderfully bizarre cameo from Robert De Niro, Some Good News delivers what we need, even though it may leave you on the floor in a puddle of your own tears. It’s a good thing. I swear. 

BUT! But the big win of the second episode of Some Good News is the appearance of actress Emily Blunt (who happens to be Krasinski’s wife) and the original cast of Hamilton. Krasinski Zooms with a young Hamilton fan named Aubrey who had to cancel her ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway because of the stay at home order. In the middle of lamenting (not complaining) with Krasinski and also hilariously telling him she’s never seen The Office, Lin-Manuel Miranda “Zoom-bombs” the interview! Aubrey is obviously shocked and, to top that, the original Hamilton cast shows up with a Zoom surprise! You have to watch. Get you tissues ready and make sure you have room to dance and sing-a-long!

Thanks John Krasinski and Some Good News! Please keep this up so our tears can be happy tears and thanks for making us remember “No matter how dark it gets, there’s always good in the world.”