Netflix has just released an Orange Is The New Black and Black Mirror mash up video titled, what else? Orange Is The New Black Mirror. It will make fans of both shows laugh, cry, and pray for a spin off.


The video starts with Danielle Brooks, in character as inmate Taystee Jefferson, dreaming to the sounds of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth,” the song featured in the Black Mirror season two episode “San Junipero.”  The dream fades into a bar called “Tuckers,” where Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) is hanging at the bar, dressed exactly like Gugu Mbatha-Raw‘s character, down to the hair and jacket. Taystee is now dressed like Yorkie, played by Mackenize Davis

Taystee is surprised to see her old friend, but Poussey assures her things are better than Litchfield. They share a drink and get to dancing, expertly imitating the moves from the episode (especially Kelly’s straight to camera shoulder shimmy). 

It ends a little bittersweetly when Poussey tells Taystee her time is up and the dream ends with her back in her prison bed. But it’s not all said. “Man, the eighties was stupid!” Taystee declares as she heads back to sleep.

Orange is the New Black fans are of course still reeling from the death of Poussey in last season’s penultimate episode, so it as an absolute treat to see her chilling in the 80s style technical heaven from Black Mirror’s only upbeat episode. The actresses clearly had fun in the video, and it really does make us want some kind of mash up between both shows. Maybe an inmate can earn their freedom by earning 15 million merits

You can check out the video below. Orange is the New Black returns June 9th, and new episodes of Black Mirror are due later this year.

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