With the rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve, choosing the best device for a particular task can be incredibly confusing. You want to get a capable device, but without busting your purse strings. Understanding how specific hardware relates to gaming and other software demands can be a daunting task. This handy guide is particularly concerned with online video slot requirements but also works as a baseline for assessing the requirements for other games and programs.

Classic land-based slot machines run on an elaborate configuration of levers and gears that spin around a central shaft. Players pull a handle that’s attached to a braking system to bring each reel to a stop, and sensors distinguish if there are any winnings. Video slots work in pretty much the same way. Instead of gears, these games operate digitally using random number generators. While land-based casinos now have similarly kitted slot machines, with touchscreens and VR headsets, the best slot experience is still available on PCs and smartphones. These games are either hosted on native apps or via internet browsers. 

Choosing a Video Slot

The internet is awash with thousands of online slot machines. UK online casinos feature popular titles from renowned developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. For example, players can enjoy licensed online slots like Game of Thrones, Lucky Leprechaun, Iron Man 3, and Jimi Hendrix. 

There are also a lot of speciality themed games, including Ancient Egyptian-themed slots like Cleopatra and Towering Pays Egypt. Players can also go for slots at casinos not on Gamstop, which typically provide much more significant bonus features and immersion. As offshore casino operating costs are much lower, the operators are usually able to offer better bonuses, RTPs, and jackpots. A good website for comparing the various bonuses you can find at online casinos is www.ukcasino.xyz. Once you settle for an online casino and several games to check out first, you can then determine the appropriate device to use to play. 

Processor and RAM

Whether you’re playing on your PC or mobile device, you have to consider the memory, processor, and graphics card capabilities. These three components function as your devices, short term memory, brain, and eyes respectively. To get the best video slots gaming experience, your device has to be up to scratch on all three. A lot of older video slots ran on Adobe Flash player, but most new ones have migrated to HTML5

Adobe even started investing in HTML5 technology in 2015. As the migration is still ongoing, players may still find some mixed content, depending on the online casino concerned. HTML5 video slots can run on almost any PC or mobile device that runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. As long as your device isn’t older than ten years, you should be able to enjoy any video slot game on your internet browser. 

If you want to download and play online RNG video slots on your PC or mobile device, a decent benchmark to aim for is a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM and any graphics card. 

Running VR games is a different kettle of fish. To run VR games, the hardware requirements significantly shoot up. According to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive minimum specs, you’d need a PC that runs on Windows 7 or newer. An Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, and an AMD Radeon R9 290 or Geforce 970 graphics card or better are also other minimum requirements. 

Storage Space

Download video slot mobile apps are a bit storage-space hungry. If you want to install a mobile casino gaming app, you’ll need to put aside between 50MB and 150MB in storage space. Most modern Android and iOS mobile devices come with at least 32 GB of storage space, so you should be able to install several apps without having to worry about hardware.

The Round-Up

You’ll be hard-pressed to come across games that are light on hardware requirements as video slot machines. If you’re looking to enjoy the widest range of web-based slot machines, then your PC is probably the best option. However, players who are more interested in playing on the move still won’t need to own a flagship smartphone. If your device allows you to read this article, you’ll probably be able to enjoy a lot of basic video slots. 





















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