This recap contains spoilers for the Onyx Equinox episode “What She Carried.”

As of right now, Onyx Equinox is available in its entirety on Crunchyroll. Which makes this week’s episode, “What She Carried,” the last we’ll be recapping on GGA. If you feel a little sad about that, don’t. Onyx Equinox has its ups and downs, but “What She Carried” is definitely more the former.

At the end of last week’s episode, our heroes found themselves teleported via axolotl to somewhere that was pointedly not Daniban. Instead, they’ve found themselves in Taijin, much farther north, and also the site of a Gate. There, they’re quickly surrounded by a group of soldiers and the plot immediately kicks into high gear. “What She Carried” is not Onyx Equinox‘s best episode, but it’s one of the most story-heavy.

Izel and the high priest (Onyx Equinox, season 1, episode 6)


Also introduced in “What She Carried” is Xanastaku, the titular “she.” Xanastaku is a priestess in service of Taijin’s gruesome guardian deity, a bat-like monster simply called The Guardian. “What She Carried” is mostly her story, and Onyx Equinox wastes no time here. We learn about her role and see her verbally (and nearly physically) abused by her master, the city’s high priest, in the episode’s opening minutes. It’s a rough bit of imagery, though thankfully Onyx Equinox has the good taste to leave the worst only implied.

Her master is in fact missing at the start of the episode. This leaves Taijin in the even less capable hands of a substitute high priest, who promptly imprisons our heroes for his disappearance. We never actually find out what happened to him here. Though given Xanastaku’s backstory, it seems entirely possible that some, we’ll say, direct action was involved.

The Third Gate

Our heroes spend much of “What She Carried” behind bars. The substitute high priest locks them up as soon as they arrive.

the high priest, pointing (Onyx Equinox, season 1, episode 6)

A good chunk of the episode, thus, is character interactions. This is where we get that backstory for Xanastaku, some characteristic bickering between the twins and Zyanya managing to escape her cell before anyone else. When they are freed though, “What She Carried” turns into another dungeon-crawling episode. I maintain that these are Onyx Equinox‘s strongest sequences. We get to see our heroes outmaneuver the Guardian as the temple collapses. They employ some much-needed coordination to shut the Gate itself. And finally, that jerk of a fill-in high priest gets his comeuppance by becoming the Guardian’s last meal. 

The episode ends with Yaotl re-summoned to advise Izel and friends. His first action? To promptly attack and eat the axolotl that teleported them to Taijin in the first place. Who doesn’t love a good cliffhanger?

Onyx Equinox‘s coverage on GGA ends here. But I’m confident the series will continue delivering compelling stories in its unique setting. And really, is there anything else we can ask for?

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