Yesterday, Crunchyroll announced the voice cast and premiere date for Onyx Equinox, its Aztec mythology-inspired original series. Onyx Equinox follows the adventures of Izel, a young Aztec boy conscripted against his will to save humanity. And a new trailer (below) shows off the cast, character by character. It’s quite large and includes a mix of established Latinx voice actors and up-and-coming talent.

the twins (Onyx Equinox)

Our leads, as we’ve previously known, are Izel and his jaguar-like companion Yaotl. They’re voiced respectively by rising star Olivia Brown and Spanish dubbing mainstay Alejandro Vargas-Lugo. Also present in Onyx Equinox are the dagger-wielding Zyanya (Carolina Ravassa), the twins K’in and and Yun (Juan Arturo Maldonado and Patrick Pedrazza), the mysterious priestess Xanastaku (Kimberly Woods) and K’i’ik, Izel’s sentient weapon (creator Sofia Alexander herself).

Izel and his cursed dagger Kiik (Onyx Equinox)

Izel wielding K’i’ik. How many other shows do you know that let the lead use a screaming bloodthirsty dagger? Not enough, I’ll tell you that much.

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Also, an interesting (and somewhat surprising!) addition to the voice cast is Arin “Egoraptor” Hansen, here in the role of the god Tezcatlipoca. Lastly, there’s Meque (also Alexander), a magic axolotl. And who doesn’t love magic axolotls?

As with the last trailer, Onyx Equinox‘s character trailer provides a look into its Mesoamerican mythology-inspired world. The real treat in this particular trailer are the shots of Yaotl. Some of the best looking stills in general come courtesy of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur artist Samir Barrett. Overall, Onyx Equinox continues to look extremely promising, and with an announced air date of November 21st, it’s not too far off. 

We hope to see you then, Onyx Equinox fans. The trailer is below.

Check out our previous coverage of Onyx Equinox here, and stream it on Crunchyroll starting on November 21st!



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