Coming off the heels of SWCC 2019, BioWare and LucasArts have announced a new expansion for the PC MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic entitled Onslaught. This is the seventh expansion for the game, coming after 2016’s “Knights of the Eternal Throne.” The original announcement was released on April 13th by and was introduced as follows. 
“Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught puts you at the center of the reignited war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Will you remain loyal to your faction or work to undermine and sabotage their war efforts? The choice is yours. Explore two new planets, a new Flashpoint on the war-torn world of Corellia, a new Operation set in the lush jungles of Dxun and more! Reap the spoils of war with reworked itemization, an increased level cap, and new abilities. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught is coming September 2019, free to all subscribers!”
Jedi Vs Sith
Jumping into a war between the Jedi and Sith sounds like it could bring not only some epic cutscenes, but epic gameplay as well. One aspects of the game that I always loved was fighting other foes that utilize the force like my characters usually do. The Sith Empire are in preparations to attack the Republic and in turn the Jedi, at a new Republic location on Corellia.  
Corellia is the capital planet of it’s system and better known as the birthplace of a certain smuggling pirate, Han Solo. As the Sith prepare to attack, the Republic meanwhile is scrambling to find reinforcements in order to help defend their outpost. The finale promises to show Corellia as it’s never seen before in a new area on the planet accessible to all subscribers. This seems like a great way to generate some hype as we wait for the expansion to be released. 
Described by the SWTOR twitter as ” A beloved Old-Republic era world. Vicious monsters, blaster-toting barbarians, scheming nobles, this planet has it all!”
Mek-Sha and Dxun
Mek-Sha is a fueling station boomtown located inside of  a mined out asteroid that was once under Hutt control. A crossroads of the galaxy where both opportunity and danger can be found in spades, you’ll come across pirates, smugglers, traders and more when you stop by during your travels. Dxun is a moon full of wild jungle life that has attracted a group of Trandoshan hunters. The Trandoshan’s are a race of bipedal reptilian humanoids who can see into the infared range and also though very slowly regenerate lost limbs. An Operation will be available at launch and promises to be a challenging one, so make sure to bring your friends! 
New Playable Species, Level Cap, and Gear Renovation
Onslaught also brings a new playable character race: the Nautolans. The Nautolans are an amphibious humanoid species and the most-well known member of this race is Jedi Master Kit Fisto, a hero of the Clone Wars and once even a member of the Jedi Council. Also announced was a new maximum level of 75 along with new abilities for every Advanced Class. The expansion will also bring in a major gear renovation, new item types, new set bonuses, and more! 
In conclusion, I am very excited to hear about this new expansion as I dove right into “Knights of the Eternal Throne” when it was first released two and a half years ago and can’t wait to jump back into this game in the fall. From the new playable planets and races, to the expanded classic areas, BioWare is bringing in content for both new and existing players which can only mean good things for the games future.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is free-to-play on the PC and is available through EA’s Origin platform. 
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