Did you know casinos have some deep secrets that you are not to be made aware of? After all, this is a business, and if you learn all their secrets, they won’t be making money anymore. In recent years, casinos such as the nitro casino have grown to be considerable players in the industry. Without these casinos, there would be no entertainment joints where you go to unwind.

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Whether it is the land-based or online casino, they are hangout places where you release your stress, and with some strategies, you could go home with a fortune. However, some casino secrets have been kept under the bus for a long time. This guide gives you insights into some things about casinos you probably did not know. 

The casino is watching you.

Most casinos, if not all, have cameras all over. While at any casino, always assume the casino management is watching you. There are surveillance cameras all over the premise such that you are traceable from the moment you enter the casino to the time you leave. The only place where you do not expect any cameras is the bathroom and your hotel room, but who knows? 

Usually, casinos are looking for criminals in casinos who pose as tourists or want to rob them. They are also looking for cheaters in the casino.

If you win big, they are watching.

When you win big money at a casino, the security has its eyes on you. Of course, they will not look at you directly until you notice, but they have to keep your insight. They want to ensure that it is legal if you win the blackjack and not count the cards. 

Upon winning big, the security runs a player evaluation where they play the recorded video as you play. They will check for any signs of card counting or cheating. The casino’s security will also check the player since some already known bad guys hop into casinos. If you win on the slot machine, they have to assess everything and make sure you did not open the slot machine or something of the sort. 

Security will quickly tell if you are cheating.

Some behaviors will give you away at the casino if you are cheating. Security is always on the lookout for cheaters and card counters. The casino security receives training on how to discover this cheating tells. For a trained person, they can easily spot someone cheating. Here are a few characteristics cheaters at a casino exhibit: 

  • Two guys packed together – while playing blackjack, most guys will rarely stay together when there are several empty seats. Women will stay together, but guys would rather keep some distance between them. Whenever the security sees two guys staying together, it is a red flag to them. They could be staying close to keep switching the cards.
  • Powerful money management – suppose you place your bets at $100 for several hands and then bet $10,000 just out of the blue. That is usually an indicator to the security that there is some information leak, or you could be counting the cards. It is possible you already know the game’s outcome at some point, and you are only waiting for the moment to come.

Some games will take all your money. 

Common knowledge has it that all games at any casino are in the house’s favor. However, it is crucial to understand that some are hard to win. The carnival games are not to be played if you want to save your cash. These are table games that are not among the traditional games like baccarat, craps, and blackjack. 

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Games such as Let it Ride, and Three-card Poker have a strong casino edge. People may fancy these games because they give high payouts but understand that you will lose more than you can win. The other game is the Double Exposure Blackjack. It provides the house with a 9 percent advantage. The dealer should be wearing a robber’s mask when dealing with this game.

Stay away from the wide-area progressive slot machines.

Progressive machines are those slot machines that bear an electronic ticker that keeps increasing the jackpot amount on the machine. There are three progressive slot machines, i.e., local area progressives, single machines, and wide-area progressives. 

All these games fuel the jackpot by adding a given percentage from every bet. Wide area progressives are slot machines in a given geographical radius. 

The only major problem with these slot machines is that these vast jackpots have a low payback percentage to the flat top machine. 

Take Away

These are some hidden things that happen in a casino that no one will tell you openly. Avoid cheating, and you will always have enjoyable moments at a land-based or online casino. 


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