Our long two and a half year wait is almost at an end. It was early in 2015 that we got the promise of four Marvel series on Netflix finally all coming together in an Avengers style team-up in The Defenders and tomorrow sees the release. Actually, more likely is sometime around midnight tonight!

We’re so close! We can make it! I believe in us!

Ahead of that release, however, Netflix wanted to get one more trailer in there to help push even more eyes to see their eight episode mini-season that promises to completely change all of their series moving forward — that would be Jessica Jones season two, Luke Cage season two, Iron Fist season two and Daredevil season three.

There’s plenty of new footage to see in this trailer, so if you’re looking to watch with the freshest eyes possible, there’s no need to watch it. If that’s the case, thanks for stopping by, but you should stop reading here.

However, if you’re still with us, then let’s jump into this trailer!

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First of all, let’s all give Sigourney Weaver a huge round of applause. She somehow manages to take this relatively unassuming woman, Alexandra, and make her every bit as threatening as The Kingpin Wilson Fisk, but with absolutely no anger or rage. She very calmly, in a very measured manner, lays out for our four heroes all of their problems and everything they’re about to come up against. With just one line, “You know, I thought it would be a good idea if we all talked this over — like adults,” Weaver is immediately threatening, presenting herself as the greatest threat any single one of them has come up against.

But she then goes beyond this, saying, “Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, the Iron Fist — I can see you’ve formed a bond here, but I promise you it’s temporary — they will disappoint you.” Over this, we see footage of each of our four ‘Defenders’ measuring up for all the fights coming their way. However, at “disappoint,” we see everything starting to go south, with Danny Rand punching Matt Murdock in the face and Elektra throwing Daredevil through a glass window.


And then, as if telling the team that their alliance won’t last wasn’t already threatening enough, she lays down her absolute worst threat yet, and it’s very subtle, “But if I might give you some advice, the more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you.” Here, the trailer unpacks her subtlety, showing us the connections our Defenders each have. For instance, we immediately see Eka Darville as Jessica Jones’s friend Malcolm, Luke Cage kissing Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), a distressed Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and finally a romantic moment between Matt Murdock and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll).

Oh, you thought she was done with her threat. Oh no. She moves from the dissolution of their unsteady alliance to the safety and lives of their most beloved relationships and then, finally, throws down the ultimate threat — “You need to think this through; New York City is so densely populated.” The threat here is that by doing nothing and walking away, a lot less people will die, but if they fight her and fail, a lot of people will die.

And then we see a lot of action and fighting and it all looks amazing and we can’t wait for the series to premiere tonight!

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