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Emma and Regina returned to Storybrooke in last week’s episode to find a new villain.  Gideon, the son of Belle and Gold/Rumpelstiltskin revealed himself to be the villain from Emma’s vision.  After growing up in another realm where time moves differently, Gideon wants to kill Emma so he can become the Savior. His ultimate goal is to stop the Black Fairy’s terror.

And Regina brought back a different version of Robin of Locksley.  Her Robin, Robin Hood was killed in Season 5.

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David and Hook are eager to stop Gideon.  David has even decided to not wake up Snow until he can keep Emma safe.

This is obviously the basis for the two teaming up.  David wants to find a way to break the curse on him and Snow. The Evil Queen put a sleeping curse on their shared heart.  Only true love’s kiss can break the spell, but they share a heart.  So when one is awake, the other is asleep. They haven’t spoken in weeks and are missing each other terribly. What lengths will David go to, to be with with Snow White again?

In the trailer for next week’s episode, David enlist Hook’s help to find answers on how to break the curse. The mission is so secret that not even Emma knows what they are doing.  From the looks of it, things don’t go well. David appears angry at Hook and threatens his life.  And Robin is trying to adjust to living in Storybrooke.

Take a look at the trailer for next week’s episode of Once Upon A Time “Murder Most Foul.”


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