And they lived happily ever after…as ABC announces Once Upon a Time season seven will be the final season. Executive producers and creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz expressed only gratitude for seven years of storytelling. 

Seven years ago, we set out to create a show about hope, where even in the darkest of times, a happy ending would always be possible, but we never imagined the happy ending that was actually in store for all of us — years and years of adventure, romance, magic and hope. We’re so grateful to our brilliant collaborators – the cast, crew, and writers — as well as our partners at the studio and network for making this journey possible. But most of all, we want to thank the fans. Their fierce loyalty and devotion was the real magic behind Once Upon A Time. We hope they join us for these last few hours as we journey to the Enchanted Forrest for one more adventure.

The changes began in April 2017 when Jennifer Morrison announced her exit from the show. At that time, the creators decided to go in a new direction. Other cast members were released, leaving Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue, and Robert Carlyle to continue on to the new journey. The show moved from Sundays to Fridays in the fall of 2017. Season seven introduced an older Henry Mills (Andrew J. West) as he embarked on his own cursed journey.  

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Once Upon a Time, The Final Battle,

Once Upon a Time, The Final Battle,

Patrick Moran, president of ABC Studios stated how proud the studio is of the show and appreciates the hard work put into it by Kitsis, Horowitz and the Once Upon a Time cast and crew. Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly that they were prepared for whatever decision ABC made about continuing the show:

…we had two paths for the finale — one where it was closed-ended, one where it was open-ended. We had been building toward it the whole year anyways, so instead of a cliffhanger, it will just be a closed-ended story that wraps it up. But we’re prepared and ready, so we weren’t shocked by it.

Once Upon a Time will return to complete the final season on Friday March 2 on ABC.



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