There are several beginner-friendly tasks in OSRS that serve to familiarize you with the game environment and its features. The goal is to provide you with foundational knowledge so that you can tackle any challenge that may come your way. There are a total of 48 beginner-level tasks, some of which are meant for pure entertainment, while others will teach you new abilities and content.

These missions are required at some point in time if you want to level up your character. Let’s check out some of the top missions for new players.

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Slaying a Demon

Demon Slayer is a quest in Old School RuneScape that will put you into conflict with a level 27 creature very early on in the game. This particular demon is a menace to the town of Varrock. The only person who has a chance to face this tremendous danger is an adventurer who wields the legendary weapon known as Silverlight.

To finish this quest, in addition to having some fundamental fighting skills, you will need to be able to solve several puzzles that are somewhat more complex than those included in earlier tasks. Continues to be a fun one all the way through. You may begin the quest at the plaza of Varrock. Simply have a conversation with the gypsy, and she will reveal your future to you.

The Way to Zeah

Some tasks familiarize you with abilities or pieces of equipment, while others, like “The Client of Kourend,” familiarize you with the vast island of Zeah! It is the first mission you will do with Zeah, and it will require you to investigate all of the significant residences in Zeah. This will serve as a brief introduction to the unusual inhabitants of the area.

This will also enable you to access the Kharedst’s memoirs, which are contained inside a little book, and give you the ability to teleport across the island. If you wish to make the most of it, though, you will need to ensure that it is always fully charged. However, I strongly suggest taking advantage of it since there are no teleports to reach the island in the early game, and the ones that you may use will need a lot of work to unlock.

This quest for beginners may be started by having a conversation with the weird Veos that are located at the pier in Port Piscarillius.

A Mystery Surrounding Runes

The secrets of runes may now be discovered via this fantastic free-to-play journey. This is meant to serve as a primer for the Runecrafting ability, which cannot be accessed until the corresponding quest has been completed. You will learn how to make runes from scratch by utilizing the Rune Essene mines, and you will also learn how to get there!

However, it is a rather quick quest that requires you to travel between a few different places, such as Lumbridge, Varrock, as well as the Wizards’ Tower. You’ll get this under control in hardly any time at all if you use several teleports or a potion that increases your stamina.

Have a conversation with Duke Horacio, who can be found on the second level of the Lumbridge castle, immediately below the bank and next to the spinning wheel.

Puzzle Solving At Its Best

The quest line that follows Recruitment Drive will introduce you to the Temple Knights of Saradomin. This will happen after you complete the quest Recruitment Drive. As soon as you enter the arena, you will be given a series of riddles to solve before being allowed to go. This is the primary emphasis of this activity.

There are a few challenging puzzles included in this quest. It is my recommendation that you take advantage of a quest walkthrough in order to complete this one since, in all honesty, it might be challenging for even seasoned gamers. After you have finished this quest, you will have entry to the Initiate Armor, which is a good armor that also provides a prayer benefit. In addition, you will gain experience in a variety of talents, and you will also have the option to move your respawn location to Falador.

Have a conversation with Sir Amik Varze, who can be found at the White Knights Castle.

A Deadly Plateau

Consequently, it is in your best interest to accomplish this quest since it is the first step in the chain of Troll quests. It will be up to you to find a path around the treacherous and inaccessible Death Plateau so that the trolls who are harassing Burthorpe may be eliminated once and for all.

You will need to locate and secure a hidden route up the plateau in order to get access to more areas of the troll kingdom. This will allow you to explore those areas further. After completing this quest, you will have the ability to climb the pass, as well as the ability to use smithing to create claws and the ability to purchase and equip climbing boots. Climbing boots are another excellent pair of footwear that have respectable statistics.

Have a conversation with Denulth in Burthorpe, next to the training camp, to begin this quest.

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