The Doctor Who series 11 second official trailer has been released (though this one is full-length). It is set to pop music, a departure, and features our new Doctor, a woman; a departure… and it’s glorious. The trailer is lighter and more colorful than we’ve had in the Peter Capaldi years. Everything about this trailer says, we’re moving into something new. And, we at GGA couldn’t be more excited! 

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The trailer doesn’t give us much in details or reveals. There are no shots of Daleks or Cybermen or Weeping Angels in this one. Though, we assume some of those characters will appear. This trailer is very focused on the Doctor, her companions and their adventures. She is wide eyed, curious and open to the universe. There are explosions, running, some sad goodbye, a spider and clearly the danger is present…but there’s a different approach to it and you can feel that from the moment Jodie Whittaker comes on screen. We. Can’t. Wait. She’s in charge, Bro!  

“I’m the Doctor, when people need help, I never refuse.”

Doctor Who series 11 premieres October 7, 2018. 


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