The movie industry is a great source for entertainment and can sometimes give the viewers a glimpse of what it is like to live a different life. Such is the case with a lot of movies that show the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, or the life of those who try to win over the ‘house’. Some people live far away from any land casino, but they can try their luck in real money pokies. But if you prefer sitting at home and watching others play in the casino, we made this list of great movies with a strong casino theme to help you pass the time.

Casino Royale 

Released in November 2006, Casino Royale is the third screening of Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel. The movie is based on the most famous bond series where Daniel Graig plays the role of James Bond agent 007.

Though poker plays an important role in the movie, it does not dwell on the game. James Bond agent 007 plays poker to reduce the terrorist’s funds by defeating them in a $10,000,000 buy-in tournament. The movie is a whole package as there is action, beautiful women, especially Eva Green, making it an interesting one to watch. The running time for the movie is 144 minutes and was mainly filmed in the Czech Republic spa town of Karlovy Vary

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s 11 is one of the most famous casino movies starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt. The movie takes place in the world’s casino city of Las Vegas in the United States. The target casinos are three in Las Vegas, and the movie is filled with gambling. The movie’s start is characters that face off at the poker table, where the drama starts. Even if you are not a fan of gambling, you will enjoy the movie because it is filled with terrific action, comedy, and adrenaline-inducing action. 

Molly’s Game 

The movie tells a story of a woman who used to run high-stakes poker games with businessmen, celebrities, and professional poker players. Released in 2017, the main actors include Idris Elba, Jessica Chastain, and Kevin Costner, who portray the Hollywood version of Bloom’s life, right from the ambitions to be an Olympian in her early days to becoming the chief organizer of illegal poker games. 

Let It Ride

The movie tells the story of Richar Dreyfuss, who usually loses, triumphs in every horse race bet he makes throughout one day. The winnings make him keep going on, knowing all the risks involved and when the winning could be disastrous in a movie; here, it makes for a hilarious ’80s flick. Additionally, Dreyfuss’s madness, the movie let it ride, has some supporting performances from Jennifer Tilly, David Johansen, and Teri Garr.

21 (Twenty One)

The movie is based on a true story whereby it turns math and a business story into a clever heist movie with some of the young actors who try to take Kevin Spacey down. The gambling tricks in the movies are hilarious before the kidnapping and beating of Spacey in a hotel room. If you are a fan of gambling and how smart it works, then 21 is the movie to look out for. 


The movie maverick is based on a popular TV series of the ’50s. The movie is long with unnecessary western scope by Richard Donner, and it still has some of its fun moments. Jodie Foster, one of the characters in the movie, has a blast playing the role of damsel sidekick, which she had previously avoided.

The Cooler

The character in the movie, William H. Macy, plays a professional loser who makes it his role to ruin high rollers’ hot streaks by playing at the same craps table. The film starts off sad, where a recovering gambler owes a tough casino boss, Alec Baldwin, a lot of money. If the effort of redeeming himself from the debt he owes by being a guy’s go-to cooler, a good woman named Maria Bello’s, a weary cocktail waitress, could change his fortunes. 


A guy named Jack, an aspiring writer gets a croupier job to make ends meet. But when he joined gambling, he ripped big and made it his job and the center of his life. Lies and deceit become part of him, whereby he cheats on his girlfriend and plans to rob the casino he works in. the characters in the movies make the storyline exciting. One of the reasons to watch the movie is to find out what the main characters are up to and their feelings, making it one of the best gambling movies to watch.

The House

The house movies use a hilarious approach on the serious gambling subject. The story is a rib cracker following the supposedly ordinary American family through an endless journey. The Johansens lost their daughter’s college scholarship at the last minute and tried to make it right by all means necessary with the assistance of Ferrell and Amy Poehler. The casino games are played in the basement of their house, where things get out of hand very fast.

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