I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Netflix is winning the publicity game.  In what might be one of the best promotional stunts in television history, they got Barack Obama‘s actual presidential photographer to follow Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) on a publicity tour.  Yes.  They did that, and it’s brilliant! 

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The photographer, Pete Souza tailed House of Cards‘ President Underwood all over Washington D.C. on Monday.  Underwood and his right hand man, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) took a tour of all kinds of D.C. landmarks.  They got their shoes shined, stopped in at Ben’s Chili Bowl, the MLK Jr. Monument, and took a selfie on a train at some point (an interesting choice given Frank’s history with trains).  Those platforms can be slippery!   

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The level of fun and excitement that this brings to the already highly anticipated fifth season, can not be measured.  This is so awesome.  And, as an article in USA Today reminds us, this is not the first of Netflix’s attempts to “cement Underwood among real-life commanders-in-chief.”  “Last year he had an official portrait unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery by British artist Jonathan Yeo.”  You can read our coverage on that, here

House of Cards returns to Netflix May 30th.  



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