Dan Harmon is having a fantastic year. In what is clearly the best decision of 2022, Peacock has picked up the Community Movie to finally fulfill the long-awaited prophecy. And then, during Harmon’s Krapoplis panel at NYCC 2022, we learned that his upcoming animated series on Fox has already been renewed for a second season, among some other fun tidbits.

The official logline for Krapoplis states: Krapoplis is set in mythical ancient Greece and tells the story of a dysfunctional family of humans, gods and monsters that try their hand at running the world’s first cities – without trying to kill each other, that is.” The show’s cast includes the voice talents of Hannah Waddingham, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy and Duncan Trussell.

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The panel was hosted by Nick Rutherford, who has worked alongside Harmon on Rick and Morty. The two discussed many different topics, including jokes about television, whether Pennsylvania is a state or city, and trying to make another The Simpsons. Finally, the two settled in and chatted about Krapoplis. Harmon shared, “Fans of history will not like what this show is doing.” And from the trailer we saw during SDCC 2022, we are pretty sure even history buffs will love it.

Son and mother discussing how to build their city.


When Harmon set out to create Krapoplis, he wanted to focus on a family and a lesser-known goddess. This then gave birth to his original creation for the show. He shared that he wanted to create a series that focused on the relationship between mother and son and how sons treat their mothers alongside their own ambitions. Setting the story in ancient Greece also allows him to explore the culture and how they learned to build cities and city-states.

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Fans who attended the Krapoplis panel live were treated to a clip of the show from the first episode. It briefly introduced a few of the characters in the series. Hopefully, the clip will be shared online once Harmon gets around to adding color to it. Rutherford and Harmon went on to discuss the clip and even the addition of Ben Stiller as Prometheus, Stephanie Beatriz as Athena and Daveed Diggs in an unnamed role.

Before the two tied up the panel, Rutherford snuck in a quick question for Community fans. He wanted to know if Harmon had any news on who was penning the script. Harmon shared that he is not but is working closely with whoever is. He also shared that, as of right now, they also do not have a director.

The Krapoplis panel wrapped up with news that the first season will air in 2023. He also shared that Fox has already decided it was worthy of a second season. Are you excited to dive into Harmon’s new animated series? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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