Daddy’s home, sh*t-lickers! On Sunday, October 9, 2022, the cast of HBO Max’s Doom Patrol crashed NYCC 2022 for a fun-filled panel wherein they reminisced about Season 3 and teased Season 4. Joining the festivities were Brendan Fraser (Cliff Steele), April Bowlby (Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl), Joivan Wade (Vic Stone/Cyborg) and Michelle Gomez (Laura De Mille/Madame Rouge). 

The panelists revealed their character’s Season 4 journies. Rita steps into the role of leader of our crew. She even gets an official superhero costume! Of course, Rita being Rita, she strives for perfection while simultaneously alienating her team. Thankfully, Bowlby assured fans that Rita would get into the swing of leadership by the season’s end. 

Wade talked about Vic embarking on a new path of discovery after losing his cybernetics. Vic tries to discover who he is without the tech, not only as a human but as a Black man living in Detroit. Wade cited Teen Titans as inspiration regarding his portrayal of Vic. He’s human first, superhero second. 

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Fraser candidly revealed that Cliff’s happy to be there; he’s along for the ride. Toward the end of the panel, Fraser disclosed Cliff’s journey to reconciling with his daughter and grandson. In addition, Cliff endeavors to be a better human than before becoming a robot. 

Gomez talked about Madame Rouge getting “infected” by Rita’s goodness as she resides in the gray area between good and evil. Rouge is also content with being part of the Doom Patrol family. 

The actors also discussed what drew them to their roles, with Fraser jokingly admitting he’s just glad to have a job. Side note: I love Brendan Fraser so much. He’s the most precious person. Anyway, Wade was drawn to playing a superhero and specifically Cyborg. He referenced the scene in Season 3 with young Vic begging his dad to buy him a Black superhero doll as a similar experience to what he had as a child. Bowlby was drawn to Rita because she was different than other characters she had played. Rita’s more “magenta” than the “super pink, bubbly” roles on her résumé.

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Gomez joked that she finally got a time machine on Doom Patrol (I would’ve loved to see Missy with a TARDIS on Doctor Who, but c’est la vie). Next, the panelists talked about whether they’d want to keep their character’s powers in real life. Fraser’s grasp of Cliff’s “perfect, poignant profanity” proves he already has that ability. 

Additionally, they touched on certain standout scenes in Season 3, from the Were-Butts battle to the Doom Patrol as zombies to Vic fighting with baby Madame Rouge. Finally, the panel attendees were treated to the first official teaser for Season 4. 

The said teaser shows the weaponized Were-Butts in a lab. They’re performing “Shipoopi” from The Music Man in full costume. Then, we see our Doom Patrol try the whole superhero thing, with Rita leading the charge in her new digs. We glimpse the return of Maura Lee Karupt and Willoughby Kipling, along with the appearance of new character Casey Brinke, a.k.a. Space Case, played by Madeline Zima

Check out the teaser below! Hold onto your butts when Doom Patrol returns with Season 4, Part 1, on Thursday, December 8, 2022, only on HBO Max

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