Hey there, Woke fans! The cast and crew of the freshman show stopped by NYCC 2020 on Thursday. They talked about their inspirations, as well as hopes for a potential season two. 

The panel featured actors Lamorne Morris (Keef), T. Murph (Clovis) and Blake Anderson (Gunther). Also in attendance were co-creators Keith Knight, Marshall Todd and Jay Dryer, as well as director Mo Marable

The panel began with a discussion of the inspirations for the show and characters. Knight and Todd have both had run-ins with the police, so that was their jumping-off point. In fact, Knight’s negative encounter involved his white roommate getting in the police’s faces, just like in the show’s pilot. 

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The three actors went on to discuss how they got into their roles. Murph and Anderson were encouraged to play versions of themselves. Meanwhile, it was Knight’s varied musical taste that allowed Morris to sink into the role. 

While the show hasn’t yet been picked up for a second season, the Woke team did talk about their hopes for a potential sophomore run. Some of their ideas were silly, such as the three bros going wine tasting together. Others were nostalgic, such as exploring Knight’s hip-hop band, “Marginal Profits.” But the thing the cast and crew seemed most interested in exploring was summer 2020. The first season wrapped back in February, before quarantine and before the latest wave of Black Lives Matter protests, so there’s a lot of material to be explored in a possible season two. 

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We’ll just have to wait and see if season two happens. What inspiration was most interesting for you? What are you most excited about in a potential season two?

Season One of Woke is streaming on Hulu now. You can check out the entire panel here!



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