Make sure you get your creepy paper ready, because What We Do in the Shadows soared into NYCC 2020 on Sunday for a bat-tastic panel! Executive producers Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson joined cast members Kayvan NovakMatt BerryNatasia DemetriouHarvey Guillén and Mark Proksch

Now, the panel opened with a relevant question — how would the vampires and Guillermo cope with the pandemic? Can vampires contract COVID-19? Guillén mused that Guillermo would probably be the only one wearing a mask. Proksch mentioned that Colin Robinson might have a difficult time feeding if everyone is stuck at home with low energy levels. Demetriou and Berry both agreed that the vamps most likely don’t pay attention to the news, so they may not think anything of the pandemic. Guillén joked that one of the vampires were probably responsible for the last pandemic. 

Still image of Harvey Guillén as Guillermo, Haley Joel Osment as Topher, Kayvan Novak as Nandor in What We Do in the Shadows

Next, Novak and Guillén broached the possibility that there may be more than platonic feelings of affection between Nandor and Guillermo. Initially, Guillén toyed with the idea that Guillermo could become infatuated with his boss. However, Guillermo ends up caring for everyone in the household in some way. He even saves them from execution in the Season Two finale. Novak believes Nandor is struggling with his feelings for Guillermo. Regardless, he noted that Nandor and Guillermo’s relationship is about to be rocky. 

Then, the actors on the What We Do in the Shadows panel discussed their own favorite scenes and favorite scenes from their fellow castmates. It morphed into an undead love fest as everyone heaped praises on each other for being so damn funny all the time. Demetriou really enjoyed doing the “talking head” moments with Berry. Berry loved watching his stuntman perform stunts as Laszlo. Novak dug his scene work with Guillén. Proksch also mentioned any time he got to work with Novak, especially since Nandor and Colin Robinson are vastly different. Perfect comedic fodder!

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It wouldn’t be a NYCC panel without special guests! Nadja Doll paid our panelists a visit. Unfortunately, her stay was cut short because she’s a doll that can’t work technology. Happens to the best of us. 

Next, Simms and Robinson blessed us with exclusive cookie crumbs for What We Do in the Shadows Season Three. Colin Robinson will be singing at some point. An unexpected road trip will commence with hilarious results. Someone’s birthday happens and it’s a vital one. The next door neighbor, Shaun, will also be making a return. Oh, and Nandor will be on the hunt for love! Someone better sign him up for Vampire Singles. 

Still of Kayvan Novak, Natasia Demetriou, and Matt Berry in What We Do in the Shadows.

Here’s a couple fun facts we learned: Berry is afraid of heights. Apparently, Novak previously released that secret into the wild. Jemaine Clement, one of the creators of the original film and series, draws the line at leprechauns for mythical creatures on the show. Remember the episode in Season Two when Nadja and Laszlo revived their human music group? Well, Colin Robinson got on stage and sang in a deleted scene. Naturally, this led to the reveal that our favorite energy vampire will be using those pipes next season. 

Below, you can check out the Lucky Brew’s Bar and Grill commercial that played at the end of the What We Do in the Shadows panel. Jackie Daytona narrates, and may I say it’s the best damn human commercial in human commercial history. He’s just a regular human bartender, that one. 

What We Do in the Shadows will return for Season Three in, hopefully, 2021. 


WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Renewed For Season 3 at FX




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