The Boys cast really hammed it up at their New York Comic Con 2020 virtual panel. Show creator Eric Kripke moderated the panel to answer some fan questions about the series. 

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The panel consisted of Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Laz Alonso, Karen Fukuhara, Jesse T. Usher, Aya Cash, Chace Crawford and Tomer Capon.

The Boys Cast panel at NYCC 2020

The Boys panel worked from fan questions preselected before the event. Kripke read the questions, giving each cast member a chance to talk. Here’s what we learned. (Mild spoilers ahead.)

  • Urban said he had a really hard time delivering lines in season two, episode six, when Starlight and Butcher were standing over Hughie’s bed. It took him at least 20 takes to say “Strawberry Smoothie Shampoo.”
  • Karen has an American Sign Language coach who helped create Kimiko’s sign language. They created a huge list of vocabulary words for the show. 
  • There were some deep moments when talking about Stormfront’s racism. Cash said it’s important to show her humanity. Hatred is wrapped in pretty packages these days. She hopes when people see the entire season, they will see that not all villains will look like villains.
  • Mother’s Milk spoke about the state of the world in The Boys and the real world. He said the scene with Grace Mallory (Laila Robins), when they talked about the struggle of being Black in America, was important. He liked the scene after when Starlight and Hughie wanted to continue the conversation. 
  • Antony Starr prerecorded his answer to the question, “How would Homelander react if he found out The Boys had a guy named Mother’s Milk?” He said Homelander would think Mother’s Milk was a surrogate girlfriend for Butcher. And then would proceed to torture MM to inflict psychological pain for Butcher. Then he took a drink of milk in true Homelander style. Gross.
  • Usher, as A-Train, would like to take on Homelander. He wants to know if A-Train is fast enough and strong enough to beat Homelander. 
  • The biggest highlight question was about the Love Sausage. Capon says Alonso did not believe the scene with the love sausage was real. They spent about 15 minutes trying to convince him that it was happening. He didn’t want to fight the monster alone and asked Capon to help him. Kripke informed Alonso that the writers pitched bringing back the Love Sausage. The whole cast cheered. Alonso said he wants another go at it. 
  • There were a couple of surprise appearances from Superfans! Shaquille O’Neal asked who is the biggest prankster on set, but he used several filters to ask the question several times. He asked to be part of The Seven, saying that his name would be Black Demon. It was hilarious. Oh – and the answer to the question was unanimous: Karl Urban (who said it’s really Laz Alonso).
  • Aisha Tyler appeared to ask the best ways to prepare for The Boys finale. Moriarty said to have emotional support. It will have all the feels and PTSD. We might need therapy. Usher said to use the bathroom before you watch the show, so you don’t pee on yourself. Urban said to make sure you have an up to date subscription to Amazon Prime. Quaid said to listen to as much Billy Joel as you can. It will improve your life. 

That’s the panel! 

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The Boys season two finale airs Friday, October 9 on Amazon Prime.



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