The truth is out there! Oops — wrong show. Syfy‘s extraterrestrial comedy Resident Alien crash landed at NYCC 2020 on Friday with an otherworldly panel! Writer/executive producer Chris Sheridan was in attendance. Stars Alan TudykCorey ReynoldsSara TomkoAlice Wetterlund and Levi Fiehler also joined the fray. 

Now, for those who aren’t in the know, Resident Alien is based on the Dark Horse Comics comic series of the same name created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. It focuses on an alien who becomes stranded in a small town in Colorado. His objective? Wreak havoc on the people of Earth … that is, once he finds a lost mysterious device. In the meantime, Harry Vanderspeigle (Tudyk) attempts to assimilate into the small-town American lifestyle and keep his true identity under wraps from the surrounding humans. 

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The panel showed a clip from the series that featured the first seven minutes of the Resident Alien pilot episode. As a spectator, color me intrigued! I’ve always been an avid fan of Alan Tudyk and I dig the comedic slant. In said clip, we see how the alien winds up stranded on Earth and how he takes on the form of Harry Vanderspeigle. I’ve no doubt there’ll be comedic hijinks aplenty as Vanderspeigle tries to act like a human. 

Now, the panel also continued with each cast member briefly delving into their respective characters. We learned that the cast truly gets along and the camaraderie on set is nothing short of magical. Take that, other production sets! 

In addition, we learned that special guest stars will be haunting Resident Alien‘s doorstep, including none other than the legendary Linda Hamilton! Tudyk described the series as one for geeks, and there are plenty of nerdy nods peppered throughout Season One. Tomko and Tudyk regaled the audience with a peek into an episodic storyline. Vanderspeigle and Asta Twelvetrees (Tomko) attend an alien comic convention! That must be trippy for, you know, the alien in attendance. 

Overall, I’m pumped for Resident Alien, and you should be too. You can take a gander at the seven minute clip below. Resident Alien stars Alan Tudyk, Corey Reynolds, Sara Tomko, Alice Wetterlund and Levi Feihler. You can catch Season One in January 2021, only on your Syfy affiliate. 

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