During a panel with Ernest Cline and Wil Wheaton this morning at NYCC 2020, fans were given a quick glimpse into Cline’s next novel. Ready Player Two is the long-awaited sequel to the beloved Ready Player One. The first novel takes players on an Easter Egg Hunt through the OASIS, a massive virtual reality with MMORPG elements. The real charm of the first novel is how Cline filled the pages with references to the ’80s. We see Wade Watts and his crew interacting with everything from Dungeons and Dragons to ’80s arcade cabinets.

Cline shared that Ready Player Two will be taking us back into the OASIS. Just mere days after Watts wins James Halliday’s contest, he discovers something that will change everything. Within Halliday’s hidden vaults lies a new technological advancement that would change the OASIS for the better. But it will also make it even more addictive. Of course, Halliday couldn’t make anything simple. He has left behind another riddle and Easter Egg Hunt. But this time, the prize is a real mystery.

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Watts isn’t the only one on the hunt for this mysterious prize. He has a new rival who is prepared to do anything to get what he wants … even kill. Watts needs to do everything he can to solve the riddle, find the mystery prize and save both the OASIS and humanity before it’s too late. Cline promises us that Ready Player Two will be taking readers on an action-packed adventure through his beloved virtual universe.

Ready Player Two is currently available for preorder and will release on November 24, 2020. Are you ready to head back into the OASIS? Let us know how excited you are for another one of Halliday’s Easter egg hunts!



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