Demons are running rampant, and thankfully Hulu’s Helstrom is on the case! The highly anticipated comic book adaptation will debut on the streaming service next week. So, to commemorate the occasion, the cast stopped by NYCC 2020 to chat about Season One and debut the first 10 minutes of the pilot! 

TV Guide Magazine‘s Damian Holbrook moderated the festivities. Showrunner Paul Zbyszewski joined cast members Tom AustenSydney LemmonElizabeth MarvelAriana GuerraJune Carryl and Alain Uy for the panel. 

Now, the panel opened with an exclusive sneak peek. We were privy to the first 10 minutes of Helstrom‘s pilot followed by the official trailer. Introduced characters included Austen’s Daimon Helstrom, Guerra’s Gabriella Rosetti and Carryl’s Dr. Louise Hastings. The clip was rife with jump-scares aplenty and even a smattering of gore. Oh, and an exorcism. Let’s just say if you’re looking for good comic book horror this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place. 

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We learned that Zbyszewski embedded some horror Easter eggs throughout Helstrom. Said Easter eggs are homages to the showrunner’s favorite horror franchises. Marvel also mentioned she specifically gave nods to different horror films in her performance as Victoria Helstrom, the possessed mother of Daimon and Ana (Lemmon). 

Holbrook proceeded to ask the bunch fan questions. One inquiry was directed at all of the panelists — what song would they choose to represent their respective characters? Lemmon joked that anything by Slayer would suit Ana just fine. Austen added that Daimon would probably listen to smooth jazz on a loop. Marvel chimed in with “Highway to Hell.” Guerra mentioned “Take Me to Church,” which may be too on the nose considering Gabriella is studying at an archdiocese. 

Additionally, the panel touched on the interesting dynamic between Daimon and Ana. Typically, the male is portrayed as a headstrong, emotionally stunted person in need of love. However, Ana takes on that role. Lemmon reveals that Ana is really a product of her environment. I’d be icy too if my dad was literally the devil and my mom was possessed. 

Lastly, the panel ended with an impassioned speech by Carryl. She reminded us that we can all utilize our “superpowers” to improve the world around us. To make positive, everlasting change. The cast members present were all donning shirts that said “Vote,” so naturally Carryl urged the audience to get out and vote. It was an emotionally stirring call to action. 

Helstrom stars Tom Austen, Sydney Lemmon, Elizabeth Marvel, Ariana Guerra, June Carryl and Alain Uy. Season One will drop in our collective lap Friday, October 16, only on Hulu. 


HELSTROM Official Trailer Reveals That Every Family Has Its Demons




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