Who you gonna call? Hopefully the cast of Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers! Cast members Nick FrostSamson KayoEmma D’ArcySusan Wokoma, and Malcolm McDowell sat down with IGN’s Terri Schwartz for a positively paranormal panel at NYCC 2020! 

Now, the panel kicked off with Frost delving into his inspiration for creating Truth Seekers. Moderator Schwartz also went around the panelists and inquired whether any of them had previous interactions with ghosts. Wokoma mentioned her struggles with sleep paralysis at a young age and believing she saw paranormal terrors. D’Arcy regaled the group with a story of how she thought she saw the spirit of her grandmother in what turned out to be a cheeky squirrel. Additionally, Kayo brought up his mother and her steadfast claim regarding mermaids. Yes, she apparently saw a real-life mermaid. Probably not Ariel, though. 

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Next, Schwartz asked each panelist to give audiences a taste of who their characters are. We learned that Kayo’s Elton is afraid of anything that moves. Wokoma’s Helen is a cosplayer who ultimately bonds with McDowell’s Richard. D’Arcy’s Astrid has seen it all when it comes to the paranormal, so nothing phases her. Frost also informed us that everyone on Truth Seekers gets along. There’s no friction or conflict between characters, which is quite refreshing. It gives way to more focus on the actual plot. 

In addition to some insider’s info regarding Truth Seekers and a couple quips here and there, the panel also revealed an exclusive NYCC 2020 clip. Well, two actually. The clip below shows Elton and Astrid at a comic convention (how fitting) as they film footage for the former’s sister Helen. Another brief clip shown on the panel consisted of a cameo by Simon Pegg‘s daughter. It’s a family affair!

Most of all, Frost wants you to find Truth Seekers to be a balm for the soul. Have a laugh. Because comedy, drama and horror can coexist in the same entity. Truth Seekers is proof positive of that. Of course, you may find yourself jumping from the ghosts and other creepies, but that’s par for the course when you take on the paranormal. 

You can check out the clip below for yourselves. Truth Seekers stars Nick Frost, Emma D’Arcy, Samson Kayo, Susan Wokoma, Malcolm McDowell, and Simon Pegg. Season One will drop Friday, October 30, only on Amazon Prime. 




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