Elizabethan London has never been so chic! A Discovery of Witches stopped by NYCC 2020 Saturday to dish on all things Season Two. Deborah Harkness, author of the best-selling All Souls Trilogy that’s the basis for the show, and executive producer Lachlan MacKinnon hosted the festivities. 

Now, Harkness and MacKinnon kicked off the party with a trailer for A Discovery of Witches Season Two. Let’s just say we’re in for a darkly exhilarating journey into Elizabethan London as Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) is on the hunt for her witch mentor. After said trailer, Harkness and MacKinnon answered fan questions regarding Season Two. They delved into the difficulty of recreating Elizabethan London, especially since it’s practically wiped clean from existence. We were privy to shots of the beautiful (albeit cluttered) alleyways of the time period wherein our protagonists live. 

Next, Harkness expressed her utter glee in seeing actor Steven Cree breathe life into fan favorite Gallowglass. Tom Hughes also joins this season of A Discovery of Witches as the famous Christopher MarloweSheila Hancock comes aboard as Diana’s venerable mentor in Elizabethan London. Essentially, there are quite a few wonderful performers joining the fray with equally wonderful performances.

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Then, Diana Bishop herself, Teresa Palmer, introduced the cast members on the A Discovery of Witches panel. Matthew Goode (Matthew Clairmont), Steven Cree, Adelle Leonce (Phoebe Taylor) and Edward Bluemel (Dr. Marcus Whitmore) served as our giggly panelists. We were blessed with a shot of the infamous Congregation set since the cast is currently busy filming Season Three in Wales. 

Palmer began asking fan questions directed at specific cast members. Goode, or “Goodie” as he’s affectionately called, had to compare and contrast himself to Clairmont. We learned that both Goode and Clairmont boast a tendency for hotheadedness. Goode can also be stoic like Clairmont. Well, except for those moments when Goode’s innate clumsiness takes hold (see: continuously falling off a stool in Season One). 

Next, Palmer revealed her favorite costume from Season Two followed by her least favorite. Apparently, Elizabethan clothing, particularly upper-class garments, are quite heavy. Palmer also regaled the audience with a story of when she and Goode broke character in front of James Purefoy. Professionalism at its finest, even in Elizabethan London!

Lastly, the cast were asked to describe Season Two of A Discovery of Witches in one word. Bluemel said “horny,” because Marcus spends Season Two in Lovelorn Land. Leonce added “sass” as her contribution. Palmer and Goode threw in “dark,” which they agreed may go hand-in-hand with horny. So it’s a horny, sassy and dark installment? Bring it on!

You can check out the Season Two trailer below. A Discovery of Witches stars Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode, Edward Bluemel, Alex KingstonOwen Teale, Adelle Leonce and Steven Cree. Season Two will darken our doorstep in January 2021.


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