Each year New York Comic Con brings pop culture fans together to sample new comics, movie, television shows and products while showing-off their cosplay!  While thousands of fans head to the main event at the Javits Center, additional panels and events are spread throughout New York City.
Once your badge is scanned there is plenty to see and experience at Comic Con. The entryway is filled with people of all ages, shapes and sizes and nearly everyone is taking photos with one another while discussing their cosplay. 
Upstairs is the show floor featuring exhibitors from film, television, publishing, and toy industries. There is a huge vendor’s area with new and vintage toys, special-edition comics, apparel and everything in between. Downstairs is  “Artist Alley” where fans can pickup sketches from favorite artists and request custom pieces. Across the hall are photo and autograph opportunities with various celebrities available for purchase. Panels are scheduled among different NYC venues and special guests speak about their latest project, film and TV trailers are premiered, and artists share their professional insight on pop culture.
While the crowds at Comic Con are absolutely massive, I can happily report that year-after-year the fellow fans are a very friendly and relaxed bunch. As you slowly shuffle along the show floor shoulder to shoulder, it is certainly refreshing to hear “no worries” “you’re fine” “it’s all good!” from a sea of smiling faces as you constantly bump into each other.
My personal favorite part of Comic Con is the outstanding cosplay! In recent years the popular costumes have been  Harley Quinn and Wolverine. This year I spotted more than a few Venom and Deadpools walking about, while Joker and Link remain fan favorites. Below are some photos from Friday. I look forward to seeing what next year brings!
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