The American Gods panel at New York Comic Con gave fans some great season 2 info to hold on to.  That included a new trailer for the sophomore season, and some very enlightening hints from creator/writer Neil Gaiman

Season one left us on the precipice of the confrontation at House on the Rock.  Shadow (Ricky Whittle) had just learned the true identity of Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), and war was on the horizon.  Season two will pick up moments after the end of season one.  And, though the show has undergone some changes behind the scenes for season two with the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, as well as star Gillian Anderson (Media), the show seems on track to deliver the danger and beauty of its origins.  

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The new trailer makes clear that the battle between the old and new gods is on.  Mr. Wednesday is seen in his true, ancient form.  Anyone from the upper midwest and familiar with House on the Rock (me), recognizes the spectacular carousel in the trailer immediately.  All of the familiar faces (but one) are there from the first season.  The stage is set.  On the panel at NYCC, Gaiman noted, “The first place we are all headed is The House On the Rock, and they closed down the real House On the Rock for us for several days and let us film there.”  

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Gaiman also gave fans a good idea of what to expect, and what wouldn’t be included in season two.  He added, “If you are familiar with the book, the most useful piece of advice [I can give you is] we do not get to Lakeside in this season. However, we do get to Cairo [Illinois], we do get to a funeral home, Laura and Mad Sweeney get to go on their own journey, which takes them to some hot and exotic places, and other than that I think it’s fair to say things get worse for everybody in dramatically interesting ways.”  EW reported Friday.

A storm is coming.

American Gods will grace TV screens once again in 2019.

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